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5 top outdoor rennovation ideas for the home

Umbrella and cosy jumper season has been in full flow for a while now, and while some of you are daydreaming of the hazy summer past, some might want to look forward to changes they can make to their gardens to make next summer even more memorable than the last. 

Handy then, that we’ve decided to make you a little list of five outdoor renovation ideas that you might want to wow your friends with next summer.

1. First, and most fundamentally – Is it time for a new Patio?

Winter is a great time to take stock of what you love about your garden, and what could do with a bit of TLC before peak BBQ season starts again. 

Unfortunately, the rain and cold can really emphasise any wear and tear on an older patio. Having a new one installed will instantly brighten up your garden and may even give you chance to revaluate the shape and size of the current one. 

If you didn’t have one to begin with, a patio allows you the option to relax in your outdoor space, whatever the weather: whether it’s one of the few sunny days we get to enjoy, or much more likely, dull British drizzle.

There are numerous options for patios available, but you should make sure to do your research into patio design and installation costs beforehand.

2. Add a Pergola!

We all know British weather can be…inconsistent. Not only are pergolas a brilliant garden feature, but they also allow you to make use of your garden all year round. 

A few blankets or even a garden heater can have you enjoying your pergola all year round! Think a nice glass of wine as you watch rain smatter down outside the warm comfort of this bougie shed. 

There’s are a massive range available online and in various stores to suit the style of your house and garden and could make a chic new addition to your garden.

3. Go Green! 

The environment isn’t far from the lips of every personnowadays, from here, to New York, to New Zealand and back. While it’s tricky to make a big difference individually, there are ways you can add style to your garden while also making it attractive to a great array of wildlife!

Log walls featured heavily at this years’ RHS flower show;encouraging all sorts, from butterflies to bees into your lovely new garden. They look stunning and do their bit to save the planet. 

To make them even better, they’re also really reasonable in price, so it doesn’t even leave a big dent in your wallet!

4. Au naturale

Another trend from the flower show was the number of gardens that went with wildflowers and relatively untamedplanting. 

Filling your borders with wild plants and shrubbery not only cuts down on maintenance but also gives the garden a kind of rustic and homely look for you to enjoy all year round.

5. Fire pit or Chiminea?

While you settle down for a glass of wine in your new pergola, why not do so around a roaring fire?

Sounds like a scene plucked right from a lifestyle magazine doesn’t it?

Neither Pergola’s nor chimineas break the bank so really there’s nothing stopping you going for the garden of your dreams.

So there you have it, there are our top 5 renovation tips for the new year. I hope you enjoy your new stylish gardens!