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4 Ways Music Helps With Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the leading diseases that most adults have nowadays. As it happens, this is usually rampant to adults whose health conditions are associated with overweight, obese, and poor eating practices, and unhealthy lifestyle. 

When a person suffers from diabetes, it only means that the glucose level that is in the blood is pretty much higher than the normal range. And this is normally caused by decreased production of insulin.

Unfortunately, there are no permanent cures yet for all types of diabetes. But even so, there are medications that can control the glucose level. Whether they may be in the form of tablets or injectables, these medications are highly recommended to people who are diagnosed with diabetes. And aside from these things, a change in lifestyle and eating habits are dramatically encouraged.

Other alternatives are also advised for some diabetes patients. And in these alternatives, one great example is music therapy.

Music Therapy for Diabetes

Surprisingly, there are studies and research today that suggests the effectiveness of music therapy when it comes to treating diabetes. In fact, Dr. R. Mack Harrel, an endocrinologist who also happens to be a musician, claims that every human being is “innately musical.” And being one means that the nature of every person “demands the need” for music on a daily basis. Therefore, there must be a benefit to it.

In general, music is one of the most apparent things that has been considered to be very therapeutic in nature. It largely benefits both the mind and the body. Also, other studies show that having music lessons can definitely improve one’s health condition and quality of living. This is why many people today who are suffering from various kinds of diseases are recommended to attend music therapies.

But in relation to diabetes, there is a feasibility study conducted by Mandel, Davis, and Secic that tackles the effects of music therapies to diabetes. Based on the conclusion of the authors, it has been revealed that a collaboration between musicians and diabetes educators is definitely a must. And it is all because music therapy is found to have significant effects on the people who have either diabetes or prediabetes.

How Music Therapy Helps Diabetic Patients?

With the results and conclusions found in the studies and research, it is pretty much obvious that all of the scholars and researchers agree to one thing. And that is music therapy has great benefits for people who have diabetes.

But, of course, this leaves the question of how. So, how does music and music therapy really benefit diabetic patients?

Helps in relaxation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation

As you may know, diabetes has a bad effect on blood circulation. Not to mention that high levels of glucose in the blood can cause damages to the blood vessels. And for any diabetic patient, managing these concerns is very essential.

Thankfully, music therapies can help an individual in relaxing their blood vessels. Also, it is found that music can improve blood circulation. And based on these benefits alone, any diabetic person can naturally manage these concerns just by simply listening to music and having therapies with it.

Reduces stress level by controlling levels of cortisol and oxytocin

When you have diabetes, there is a huge chance that you are experiencing a tremendous kind of stress. This is because it has been found that diabetes patients have much higher stress levels in their body. As a matter of fact, long-term stress can dramatically increase the risk of having diabetes.

But then again, music therapies can help you with this kind of concern. And it’s all because music can largely increase the production of your happy hormones and love hormones which are natural blockers of cortisol or the stress hormones.

Music strengthens the immune system

Just like any disease, diabetes affects as well the immune system of a person. If you have a weaker immune system, then the risk of having not only diabetes but other diseases as well is very rampant.

As for music, having music therapies can naturally strengthen and boost your immune system. There is a study recently that shows how music increases an antibody that helps naturally the body’s overall immunity.

Improves sleep and appetite

Of course, people who suffer from diabetes have a hard time controlling and managing their sleeping patterns and appetite. But when one includes music therapy in their day-to-day living, it can actually improve these areas of concerns as revealed by many senior studies today.

Final Thoughts

All in all, diabetes is a very challenging disease or illness in recent times. There are a lot of things that one can no longer do due to this diagnosis. It actually makes one very limited. But, studies and research conducted today show that there is still a huge hope for people who have diabetes. Thanks to the wonderful works of music, having music therapies can naturally improve one’s condition under diabetes.