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5 Reasons Why Golf will Improve Your Health

Being active is good for your health – this we all know. Participation in different sports, like basketball, volleyball, and tennis, keeps one fit and healthy. While these sports require more cardio and movement than golfing, golf players still receive many health benefits from the game. The many miles of walking from hole to hole on the golf course definitely helps up their fitness levels but golfers take in more than just physical health advantages. The game improves mental focus and alertness, while also being a great overall stimulant for one’s psyche.

Non-golfers probably don’t see golf as an active sport. From afar, all people see is someone standing and swinging a long stick. It seems easy enough and it doesn’t look like it takes too much energy or requires much muscle strength. But, if you go on and pick up a golf bag, you’ll realize it takes a lot more effort than it looks. From carrying the golf bag, filled with 14 different golf clubs and other equipment, to walking around the course (you’ll easily clock in between 7000 to 12000 steps in a game!) and finally the actual swing; golfing is one way to definitely get fit. These are the many actual benefits that you get from a round of golf. Here is an ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing.

1. Up Your Cardio

When you play golf, you have to walk. From the tee to the hole, you have to follow your ball, and find it too! While you don’t need to run to your ball, the constant movement is sure to keep your blood flowing and your muscles active. Walking is a good cardio exercise.

2. Work Your Brain

Golf is a game that requires focus and thinking. A large part of the game requires you to analyze your next movement and then focus to get your body to execute the swing precisely, in order to get the result you want. While this takes time and practice, you also improve your critical thinking and strategy building skills as you get better at it. The moderate exercise and brain stimulation makes for a good overall workout.

3. Low Injury Risk

Another major benefit that golf offers is that it is a low risk sport. Provided that you don’t go out golfing on icy and slippery terrains, this no contact sport allows you to play without the fear of hurting yourself. This is one of the reasons it’s a common sport among seniors.

4. Stress Reduction

When you get stressed, frustrated, or just burned out, one of the best remedies is to go out and take a walk to clear your head. Golfing gives you just that even before you feel all the problems caving in. 

Remember how you walk a lot when you play a round of golf? 

Golf courses are large open spaces where you can take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a stroll in between your swings. Golfing, literally gives you time to take a breather.

5. Social Interaction

In this time of social media and technology, everyone is starting to get disconnected. While many people have multiple online friends, there is a decline in actual face to face interactions. Ultimately, this makes people feel lonely, depressed, and emotionally distressed. While some people enjoy golfing alone, it still offers a great chance for others to play with friends and have real conversations and connections. Often times, there are only a few golf courses around an area and as you get to know other golfers, you’ll end up bumping into each other every now and then. There is no denying the role of social connections in maintaining a stable mental and emotional health.

There are definitely many perks to playing golf. The benefits to your health are not just limited to your body, but also improve your mental and emotional well-being. When you think about it, golf is an overall health booster.  

Author Bio:

Bobby Hurst is the founder of www.golferpros.com. He has been an avid golfer and instructor for over 20 years. He has always been passionate about the sport for as long as he can remember and considers the GolferPros.com site as a passion project where he gets to share his love of golf with other avid golfers. He considers golf to be a sport that exercises both the mind and body; which is why you will constantly find him out on the course at least once a week. He enjoys trying out new techniques, and equipment. You can find his golfing tips, and reviews on golfing equipment on his site.