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The Top 4 Family Activities in Orlando

There are plenty of reasons why Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the world for families. Not only is there the promise of fantastic weather, but there’s also the fact that there is plenty for family members of all ages to enjoy in and around the city. Don’t think that Orlando is all about keeping the kids happy. Parents as well can be amazed by how much they enjoy a trip to what’s known as the City Beautiful. Just take a look at Orlando Hotels And Orlando Area Resorts – Westgate Resorts to see the type of accommodation on offer. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando from the UK and you’re not sure what sights and attractions to prioritise, here are some of the family activities that you really don’t want to miss.

Harry Potter Fans

As a Brit, you might almost feel obligated to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on general principle. Make no mistake, if you’re even a vague fan of Hogwarts and you can barely tell your Dumbledores from your Snapes, you’re still going to have a lot of fun at the Harry Potter-themed park. With walks through recognisable locations like Ollivanders and Hogwarts Castle, and rides that are aimed at all ages, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter should not be missed.

Get Universal

Universal Studios is truly wonderful for film fans. As a theme park that takes its inspiration from film and TV, pop culture enthusiasts will be able to spend more than a few days enjoying the rides and attractions that are in plentiful supply. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes because you could spend weeks wandering Universal Studios, even if you’re trying desperately to avoid the Minions ride.

For Budding Astronauts

You’ll have to head a little east out of Orlando to get there,but when the reward is space exploration, it’s well worth the trip. If you have any astronauts or potential scientists in your group then a visit to Kennedy Space Center should be a priority. Check out the history of space travel, experience the sensations of space flight, and (if you get your timing right),you might even see a real rocket being launched. 

Walt Disney World resort

Of course, no trip to Orlando is going to feel complete if you don’t spend some time in the magic kingdom. Open since 1971, even the most unenthusiastic member of your family will soon be swayed by the sheer variety of fun available at Disney World. With plenty of rides to enjoy, endless entertainment, live acts that will stun you, fireworks, and more food choices than you ever believed possible, a trip to Disney cannot be missed. Make sure that you get regular updates on new Disney tickets as soon as you know you’re going to Orlando so that you can save some money on entrance fees. 

There’s so much to experience in Orlando that you’re really going to need to have a plan. Make sure that your plans stay flexible enough that you can take advantage of new and surprising excursions and experiences. However, no matter the ages of your family or how many of you there are, you’re never going to run out of family activities in Orlando.