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3 Benefits of Signage for Your Business

Your signage is often the first impression for your potential customers and all passers-by and we all know how important first impressions are! For this reason, a well-designed sign is crucial for your business whatever the industry. To be successful your sign needs to effectively reflect your brand, product and services at the same time as standing out from the crowd and drawing people’s eye. 

To help you decide whether signage is right for your business we have connected with Prestige Signs, a sign maker in Essex to provide you with the following information and benefits.

Get noticed

In today’s extremely busy and fast paced high street, it can sometimes be difficult to be noticed amongst your neighbours and competitors. For this reason it can be vital that your business sign stands out and grabs the attention of your prospect customers and general traffic passing by your premises. As well as the usual shop front signs you may also want to consider monument or totem signs to really reach higher than all of your competitors – literally! 

Go viral!

In a world dominated by social media check ins, hash tags, filters and photos it is more important now than ever to get ahead with the social media game. According to WP Dev Shed, creating an ‘instagrammable’ spot within your business could be all you need to get the customers queuing up! Flower walls, quirky table setups and funny quote signs are all extremely popular over on Instagram. Get it right and you will go viral before you know it.  

Brand awareness 

Quality signage for your business does not only make a great first impression and create a new reason for people to take the time to visit you it can also work wonders for your brand awareness and ensure people know about you. Ensuring that your target audience is familiar with your brand, trusts what you stand for and is reminded of your presence often is invaluable to any business especially in the early stages.