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Helping Your Kids Get Into Gaming

If you are a lifelong gamer, you may have a touch of pride when your kids come to you and start asking you about getting their own video games console. It will probably bring back a whole host of memories of unwrapping Nintendo Entertainment Systems of Christmas morning all of those years ago, or spending months playing the Final Fantasy games on the original PlayStation.

While your first instinct might be to really educate your kids by talking them through Streets of Rage on the Megadrive, sadly, kids of today won’t appreciate the glorious days gone by. And, while your own interest in gaming has probably progressed to the evolved games we see on the market now, your kids will mainly be in it for Minecraft and Fortnite.

But the world is a different place than it was back in the late nineties and early noughties. Setting your children up with their first video games machine will take some consideration. Here are some tips for helping your kids get into gaming. 

Decide On The Platform

It is the age-old debate, is a console better than pc? Should you go with Sony or Microsoft? Or, what about the Nintendo? Picking the platform is a big commitment. Not only is it a big expense, but you are also locked into the titles that will be available on that platform for the future. 

Then, of course, you will need to consider what is around the corner. With both Sony and Microsoft about to bring out the next generations of their popular consoles, there will be a shift in focus for game developers to move to create titles for them. Is it better to hold off and buy one of the new machines when they come out? If you are going with these companies, the answer is probably, yes. 

PC gaming is very versatile. There is a vastly expansive range of titles available, and you won’t have to worry about the next generation. You can modify your machine if you need to, and you will also have lots of other uses other than gaming. This could be a good option. 

For a more interactive, child-friendly console, you may want to look at the Nintendo Switch, which has many great titles, while retaining some imaginative and practical features such as the ability to play handheld, or on a big screen. 

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

There are many dangers online, and you need to be sure that your kids are safe. With many games allowing you to interact with others, it is important you understand what your children are playing and work with them to ensure that you disable any settings that open them up to any exposure to dangers. Having frank discussions with your kids about the problems that they may encounter online is important, and ensuring they are also aware of how to avoid phishing attacks or scams that might end up costing them financially. Disabling in-game purchases might also be advisable.