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Top “Basic” Security Measures To Protect Your Home

Every dad feels as if it’s their job to keep their family safe, and a considerable part of the process is ensuring that your property isn’t vulnerable. Unfortunately, opportunist thieves will brazenly walk through the front door over 30% of the time. Considering that burglars strike every 25 seconds on average, there’s a chance that your castle might be less secure.

However, there’s a trade-off because new-age security tech is either too expensive or too invasive. You don’t want to pay a fortune so that Alexa can listen to your conversations (allegedly). What you need are basic yet effective security measures to protect your property.

Here are four of the best ones.

Outdoor Lighting

Thieves aren’t stupid. They see a house that isn’t illuminated, and their eyes light up straight away. Why? It’s because there are plenty of dark spaces for them to creep around without anybody noticing. Therefore, it’s essential to make your home as bright as possible from the outside so that they move on to another target. LEpro security light fixtures are increasingly popular because they are powerful and energy-efficient. However, any lights that make it tough for thieves to do their business unnoticed are great.

Strong Front Door

Of course, your front door has to be strong enough that it can’t be easily knocked off its hinges. But, there is an even simpler factor that you must consider – the letterbox. As silly as it sounds, lots of robberies happen because the mailbox wasn’t secure. What this means is that a thief can either reach through and unlock the door or grab a spare pair of keys. Nobody ever considers it as it’s very unusual. Still, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. If you do hang the keys by the door, it might be time to move them to a new home.

Password Protected WiFi Router

Although your WiFi router looks benign, it’s more and more of a risk thanks to the introduction of smart speakers and home automation software. Any router that is connected to personal gadgets or the house’s security system could give thieves direct access to your home. And, they don’t even have to work hard to steal anything. All they require is software that lets them hack into your WiFi, which is pretty standard these days. Thankfully, you can secure your router, and your home, by using strong passwords and changing them regularly. Also, don’t forget to change your settings so that the WiFi is encrypted.

Regular Checks

Finally, the most effective method is to complete regular checks before you leave the house. Yes, everyone makes sure that the doors and windows are closed and locked, but what about your garage? Do you ensure that it is secure, too? Garages are popular with burglars because they are usually connected to the main body of the house, offering them non-restricted access. And, if they’re not, they often store valuable items. 

Safeguarding your property is an integral part of a dad’s life. How do you make sure your home is as safe as a house?