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5 Ways How CBD Helps In Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

With the legalization of CBD, more and more people have turned towards this all-natural remedy. It became an agricultural crop from an illegal substance after the introduction of Farm Bill in the year 2018. Since then, the consumption of CBD has substantially increased. Not only does this substance helps in alleviating chronic pain and improving wellbeing, but it also helps women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome.

During the PMS period, women experience several changes, such as a shift in hormonal functions, emotions, anxiety levels, cramps, mood, etc. These changes make a significant impact on their wellbeing and lead to unprecedented outcomes if not dealt with. However, in recent years, most of the women have started to shift from prescribed medications to all-natural remedies for their less-known side effects. 

Cannabidiol happens to be one of the popular recreational substances used for such purposes. Hemp-derived CBD or cannabidiol has a low amount of THC, nit more than 0.3%, which does not give the ‘high’ feeling. Instead, it produces relaxing effects by interacting with the brain receptors. CBD comes in many forms and applications, so if you happen to look forward to buying them, check online stores that have every CBD product under one roof.

Let us do a quick rundown of some of the points to understand how CBD helps premenstrual syndrome.

1. CBD helps in regulating mood

The shift in moods is one of the common effects of PMS, which results in erratic mood swings. During such a phase, women suffer from irritation, depression, and a lot of other factors that play a massive role in aggravating mood irregularity. With the consumption of CBD, you tend to increase the brain’s anandamide levels, which is responsible for providing a blissful feeling. 

This anandamide reuptake inhibitor works in such a way that it regulates positive thoughts and provides motivation. CBD also is an adenosine reuptake inhibitor, which works with adenosine chemicals. Such a process affects several neurotransmitter pathways of the body. It also helps in regulating mood and produces more dopamine to fight the symptoms of depression. Since this all-natural crop activates the A2A receptors of women experiencing PMS, it helps the women to fight mood irregularity. It keeps the shift in emotions and moods at bay to increase physical health. You can learn more about this at herbonaut.com.

2. CBD helps with breast tenderness

The menstrual cycles that women experience make a significant impact on their bodies, which may lead to pain and breast tenderness. Such a situation hinders their routine work. With CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it interacts with the vanilloid receptors of the body. These receptors are the ones that manage pain perception.

Breast soreness and swellings can cause pain even with a slight touch. This affects not only the breasts but also the overall mental health. CBD tends to regulate vanilloid receptors and fight breast tenderness. Moreover, the properties of this natural supplement interact with the receptors of ECS and alleviate pain in the same process.

3. CBD can reduce nausea in pre-menstrual syndrome

During menstrual cycles, many women face diet issues, eating complications, hunger irregularity, vomiting issues, etc. These factors play a considerable role in determining the physical and mental health of a woman experiencing premenstrual syndrome. The properties of this supplement bind with the receptors that release serotonin, responsible for reducing nausea levels and fight the symptoms of vomiting.

It is crucial to take note of the right amount of CBD dose to determine the ways through which it will affect nausea. Several professionals recommend that women should always ingest the supplement in the correct dosage as the body’s metabolism differs from woman to woman. Check with your doctor to know the right amount of CBD you can take to treat nausea and vomiting.

4. CBD helps in reducing anxiety during menstrual cycles

During the menstrual cycles, women go through different levels of anxiety. This can either be a result of stress or simply overworking. Such factors significantly put your routine activities on a decline and affect the mental wellbeing during menstrual cycles.

A 2010 study finds out that CBD or cannabidiol reduces anxiety symptoms and interacts with the serotonin receptors to increase the serotonin levels. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior and gives way to positive thoughts. During menstrual cycles, the increased serotonin levels help in alleviating anxiety symptoms and lead to healthy mental wellbeing.

5. CBD helps in managing pain

Women who experience body aches and soreness in premenstrual syndrome tend to move towards the use of prescribed medication. But, due to the many potential side effects of prescribed medicines, women have started to make the use of all-natural supplements. CBD affects the glycine receptors of the body that are responsible for perceiving pain. The therapeutic agents and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help in interacting with the body’s central nervous system to manage pain and soothe the inflammation mechanism.

study done in the year 2012 states how these agents help in binding with the pain receptors of the body to relieve pain and alleviate symptoms that cause pain. It is also essential for women experiencing menstrual cycles to consume the right amount of CBD doses. You can either consume CBD in the form of edibles, oil, and capsules or apply topicals or lotions on the affected muscles for quick relief.

Final Thoughts

All-natural supplements have been a part of menstrual cycles for centuries to alleviate pain and suffering. Since factors like cramps, pain, nausea, and irregular mood swings affect the mental wellbeing of women who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, it is vital to know the benefits of CBD in detail. By incorporating the right amount of CBD, women can not only help in reducing the significant impact of hormonal changes but will also improve the state of their physical and mental health.