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CBD Oil Tinctures Vs CBD Oil – 5 Things You Should Know

The health benefits of utilizing CBD oil are irrefutable. CBD and THC are the most popular derivatives of cannabis, and people use them for medicinal properties. CBD is the preferred cannabis derivative by the medical community as it has immense therapeutic potential without any psychoactive effect. So it’s really not surprising to see more and more people starting up their own cbd drop shipping services in their quest to make some money by hopping on board with this trend. When it comes to CBD, two products that are often mentioned are oils and tinctures. These look pretty much identical on the shelf, and are taken exactly the same way – orally. So, what makes them different? 

A CBD oil tincture is CBD oil mixed with a particular percentage (60%-70%) of ethanol. They’re far less potent, but still, they pack a significant effect when it comes to their holistic and therapeutic properties. 

But, CBD oil tinctures come with their very own unique set of benefits. With this in mind, we’ve decided to list the five best health benefits that they have to offer.

Faster absorption, faster effect

Since one of the main ingredients of CBD oil tinctures is alcohol, both the bioavailability and the absorption rates are faster than regular CBD oil.

They provide quick relief to any pain you might be experiencing, as they act almost immediately. Alternatively, the taste and smoothness of CBD oil tinctures are far better when compared to regular CBD oil.

Ethanol, when ingested alongside a stimulant such as CBD oil, can significantly increase drug absorption by acting on the gastric solubility of the drug, and subsequently increasing blood flow. In layman terms, it makes most drugs adhere better to your system, improving their potency and absorption rate. 

Since consuming regular CBD oil can result in an odd oily taste that tends to lurk around your mouth, the alcohol alternative is going to act far quicker, with far less residual taste. This feature makes CBD oil tinctures far easier to stomach when compared to standard CBD oil. The effect is weaker than CBD oil in its pure form, but consuming it is far more manageable.

Far longer shelf life

Alcohol gives tinctures a longer shelf life when compared to regular CBD oil. It means that the product is going to remain fresh and potent for extended times. It happens even more so with a brand that uses the finest quality extracts in its CBD products.

CBD oil tends to get stale and lose its potency as time goes by, and if you’re only using it recreationally, you could wind up throwing an old bottle of CBD oil away by the next time you need it. If you invest in CBD oil tinctures, on the other hand, you can use them for years to come whenever a complicated issue arises.

More affordable than pills and pure oil

When compared to CBD oil, tinctures are a far more affordable option. While the two provide virtually the same effects, with pure CBD oil being a little more potent, tinctures offer the same assortment of benefits at a far lesser price.

Let’s face the facts – CBD products aren’t the cheapest supplements on the market. While their therapeutic and health benefits are irrefutable, purchasing a whole bottle is going to be obsolete if you don’t wind up using it daily.

Even if you do so, CBD oil tinctures provide a uniquely long shelf life, combined with higher absorption rates and bioavailability.

Easier dosing

A significant benefit of CBD oil tinctures comes within their relatively low base potency. Since it has high absorption, the effects are relatively fast-paced. This allows the user to carefully dose his or her consumption, with utmost accuracy.

It’s hard to determine how much CBD oil you need to solve your specific problem, as all issues are unique to their respective owners – but with tinctures, the fast effect will allow you to determine if you need more of the product quickly. Accurate dosing is going to save you money in the long run.

All the standard CBD oil benefits

Since CBD oil tinctures are just a percentage of CBD oil suspended in ethanol, they come with all the standard benefits. The most prevalent benefits are:

  • Pain relief properties
  • Anxiety treating properties
  • Depression treating properties
  • Helps reduce chemotherapy side effects
  • Speculated Type 2 Diabetes healing properties
  • Can help reduce stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Help treat insomnia and psychosis
  • Maintains heart and brain health

In Conclusion

CBD oil tinctures are a great way to include CBD into your life, as they’re less potent when compared to other forms of CBD oil. They also have a very long shelf life, and they’ll be available to you whenever you need them.