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Is Your Garden Looking Tired? Here are 5 Luxuries That Will Bring It Back To Life

For those of us lucky enough to have a garden, it can be easy to take this precious part of our homes for granted. Leading busy lives sometimes means that our favourite, private getaway becomes neglected, and can take on a tired look quite quickly. Luckily, there are easy ways to put some life back into your favourite space, and get make the most of it again. Check out these 5 luxury tips:

1. Hot Tub Gazebo

More and more people are turning to inflatable hot tubs as a way of relaxing and having fun with loved ones. Far from being the luxury of a privileged few, new technology and more choice have made inflatables must-haves for many families with a bit of space in their gardens; and a great addition which is also on the rise in popularity are hot tub gazebos and shelters. Stylish, timber pergola designs also add style and value to both your home and garden, can be fitted in a day, and come in at only a couple of hundred pounds.

2. Patios and paving

Unless you have the time, inclination and equipment, maintaining a grass lawn can be something of a pain for many garden owners. Patios and paved areas are an extremely popular way of solving this problem, and making the most of the space available, even in small gardens. With the right design, you can divide your garden up into areas with different uses, such as a sitting out area which catches lots of sunlight, or a paved path up to a garden shed or planting area. Loose materials such as pea gravel and aggregate stone are also very cost effective.

3. Raised decking

Decking brings a new dimension to your garden; literally. Timber decking especially is a feature of more and more good looking garden spaces, especially those with furniture and hot tubs. With a rail around the decked area, you get extra privacy from ground level, which helps give a relaxed atmosphere. Natural timbers like redwood and cedar have natural insect repellent properties, while pressure treated wood comes in a wide variety of species and prices. Hardwood decking can last for 40 years, and even untreated softwood 15 years.

4. Water Features

A water feature is a simple and classy addition to any garden. They provide a focal point for garden spaces, and can be surprisingly cheap to install. Usually made of smooth stone such as marble and granite, off-the-shelf water features are available at garden centres; while larger features can be designed to set off bigger spaces. Whether surrounded by lawn or blending into a patio or paved area, fountains, waterfalls and ponds are peaceful and great to look at. Prices start from under £20, and can go as high as your budget can stretch.

5. Hanging Chairs with Stands

A great idea which is both practical and cool is a hanging chair. These are typically teardrop in design, and something of a throwback to the 1960s and 70s in their retro looks. Pick a good space in the garden, which gets plenty of sun, and where people would like to sit in peace. Hanging chairs can be just as they sound; if you have a suitable tree with a strong enough branch, this might be suitable to suspend your chair. More common are stable, one or two strut stands, which can be moved around the garden. The chairs themselves are usually wickerwork designs, often made from synthetic rattan.