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5 things to know about family photo shoots

Having a family is a wonderful thing. Your life is completely different in the best possible way and you are part of a new existence that evolves over time. Things never stay the same. That’s why photos are important for so many families. Apart from the daily snapshots and carefully staged moments on holidays or special celebrations, a professional photo shoot is something every family considers. But how does a good family photo come together? Whether you’re taking photos yourself or are thinking of hiring a professional maternity photographer San Antonio, there are some things to keep in mind. So here are 5 things to know about family photo shoots.

1. Do it yourself or professional photographer

Mobile phones have become quite impressive cameras so it’s no surprise that many families consider taking their family photos themselves. It quickly becomes clear, though, that taking a good picture is not as easy as it may seem. There are many things to consider such as lighting, angles, and positions and it can take quite some time to get a photo that is close to high quality. Luckily with a piece of gear such as the Pocket Tripod, getting that perfect angle on the go is much more easily obtained. Of course, there are also lots of apps and programs that can help to edit and improve pictures without good knowledge of photo editing.

Still, every now and then a professional photographer might be the best way forward. There simply is a certain measure of professionality in both the process and the result that makes professional photographers the right choice. Of course, this doesn’t apply to each and every family photo you take. You can contact newborn photography Connecticut without hesitation or second thought if you’re seeking for the greatest baby photographer in Connecticut.

2. How often should you take family photos

Especially professional photographs are never a daily or monthly thing. A proper family photo shoot is something that is worth the time and money about once a year. The reason is that in the space of a year, your family evolves and these pictures work like snapshots. Over time, you will be able to look at the development of your family from one year to the next. That’s when the photographs really come into their ownand turn into precious items. 

When it comes to your own snapshots of your family, you’re a lot more flexible. While they may not compare to a professionally taken and edited photograph, they’re still wonderful memories. It’s just important to keep in mind that staging photographs – be in on holiday, at celebrations, or at home – disrupts the natural flow of things and overdoing it might mean that you spend too much time setting up photographs in lieu of experiencing and enjoying the day. As always, it’s a matter of balance.

3. Choosing a photographer

When it comes to choosing a photographer, price is not always the most important thing. For good results and a pleasant experience, it’s important to feel comfortable and safe with the person you choose. There always is a relationship between a photographer and their models and this should not be underestimated. The photos will look so much better if everyone is at ease and in a good mood. The choice of photographer can influence this very much. So get to know them and make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe around him or her.

4. Natural beauty

Most photographers will have one goal for the family shoot: Capturing the natural beauty and the real family. No forced smiles or uncomfortable poses. After all, the photograph is supposed to reflect who you are and what makes your family unique. That’s why you should apply the same aspiration to your own photography. The more in-the-moment your photo is, the more beautiful the result will be. A child at play on the sofa with its parents, unknowing of a camera, can yield a much more beautiful result than everyone sitting straight and forcing a smile.

5. The results

However you approach your family photo shoot – with or without a professional photographer and staged or natural – don’t forget to use the photos. We’ve become too accustomed to simply posting pictures online or saving them on our mobile phones and computers. Every once in a blue moon we remember to have a couple of photos printed for framing. But especially when it comes to a series of exceptionally beautiful family photos, there are so many more great things to do.

If you really commit to the idea of an annual photo shoot, these pictures are the perfect foundation for a family photo book that shows how your family evolved and what you experienced over the years. The result is not only a mirror into the past, but also a great thing to share with friends and family. You don’t know where to start? Make your life easy and find and compare the best photobook deals in UK. There are a lot of options to choose from and you’ll find tons of templates and designs specifically for family photo books.


Although taking photos has never been so easy, a lot of arguments support choosing a professional photographer every now and then. It’s also best not to spend too much time chasing the perfect photo as you might lose sight of experiencing the day with your family. And finally, the perfect picture won’t do you much good if it doesn’t get a chance to shine. Whether you’re creating a photo book, print the family photo onto a canvas, or hang it in your hallway in a frame – the important thing is that you put it to good use.