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Quarantined Birthdays: How to make the best of it

When you think of birthdays, you think of cake, balloons, drinks and most importantly – other human beings. With no access to your favourite pubs and restaurants, we have to think of new ways to make birthdays special. 

Here are some things that should make you feel better.

Recreate your favourite Restaurant meal 

If you cannot go to the restaurant – bring the restaurant to you. Think of your favorite dish at a local restaurant and you can recreate it at home – with a little help from online chefs. Roasted braised duck ? Coq au vin ? Vegan Pad Thai ? There is nothing the internet cannot teach you. You could be the next Gordon Ramsay once you’re done. 

So, set the table with your best  wine glasses,  silverware, linens, candles and flowers. Depending on the cuisine you have made, you can search for “restaurant background chatter” or “restaurant ambience” on spotify or youtube. This will instantly transport you to a restaurant and country of your choice. 

Virtual Parties 

Send everyone a fun virtual party invite. You can set a quirky theme, ask them to dress up and keep their drinks ready. You can join live streaming parties and raves thrown by artists and DJs on weekends, or you can make your own personal party. It’s more fun if you plan ahead and get everyone to have the same drinks and snacks as you do, especially if you plan on shouting “shots” every now and then. When you wake up the next day, the hangover will feel just the same as a night out in town. 

If this is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to make virtual parties fun. The internet is exploding with online games.  They are creative, intuitive and make participation easy for everyone in the group. From trivia , murder mystery and to puzzles, there is something for everyone. You can make losers smash their own face with cake. 

Hosting a Netflix Party 

If you prefer more low-key birthday celebrations, then a “Netflix party” is the ideal way to spend your birthday.  You can pick your favourite movie and send the invite over to your friends. You can also access titles from other countries with a VPN. Cyberghost is a great Netflix VPN example if you want to flick through a variety of films inaccessible in your country. If your friends and family tend to be chatty during movies, they will love the chat feature where you can write all your opinions and feelings during and after the movie. This way everyone watches the whole movie and also doesn’t get to miss out on the fun banter.

Get some popcorn, kick back, and action! 

Virtual Tours and Shows

Art lovers will be disappointed that they cannot get their fill of Monet or Pollock, but the show does go on(line). 

If you’re someone who dreams of visiting a new country every year, then you will love the new virtual tours introduced by museums and theatres from around the world. From New York’s Guggenheim Museum to  Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, you can browse through rich history and culture from the comfort of your couch. 

The Soho Theatre, Lincoln Center and many other global theatre powerhouses are also going online with their best shows. Performances that are currently being streamed include broadway, dance, cabaret and opera. 

6 feet apart Walks

If none of this appeals to you and you are feeling the itch to see your loved ones,  you can plan to take walks in the park with a friend or two. This only works if you are going to practice safe social distancing and you are conscientious of the people around you. You can also stand outside people’s homes and or get them to come outside yours. Sometimes, just seeing someone makes our day. 

Unique Birthday 

A pandemic birthday will always be memorable. We sometimes forget to really celebrate ourselves on our birthday. There is little room to think when we are flooded with birthday messages, calls, and making plans to celebrate the big day with everyone. We forget to turn around and cherish our achievements in the year that passed, and we forget to look inwards to see how much we’ve grown. So, take the time to celebrate yourself and reflect on the year you have had. This is a once in a lifetime kind of birthday. 

You can also check out how some famous writers and philosophers spend time thinking about life here

Quarantined birthdays help us realise how little we need in life to be happy and the most important things are our relationships with people. We have no use for new clothes, phones, and cars if you don’t have people to celebrate it with. Everyone finds different meanings in birthdays and you can find examples of them at  Treasure Quotes

Call your friends and family, make a donation to a charity and, take practical, reasonable resolutions to better yourself and don’t forget to keep on building meaningful relationships everyday.