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How to Dress for Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

If someone ever told you that you don’t dress your age, then maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself. Are you trying to still follow trends well into your 30s? Do you look too young for the style you’re trying to pull off? These are all things you’ll have to consider, as making some small adjustments could really help elevate your style and make you feel more comfortable. In this article, we’re going to give a few simple fashion tips people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can follow.

People in their 20s

The best thing about being in your 20’s is that you have the most liberty out of every group. You get to wear streetwear on a Saturday afternoon and a crewneck, shirt, and dress pants at work. This is the time to go wild, but you don’t want to go too extreme. Learn how to use accent pieces if you want to get attention instead of going all over the place. You should also learn the importance of properly tailored and fitting clothing.

As far as brand goes, you can wear clothes from virtually any brand. Don’t assume that some brands are only for certain age groups too. As seen on SSENSE, Burberry has all sorts of clothes and accessories for men and you’ll find Burberry clothing to suit you no matter what age group you’re in. While they are still well known for their iconic trench coats, they do have a wide selection of interesting tops you can choose from as well as accessories. Their jackets and sweatshirts are also great if you’re looking for something that will fit your style.

People in their 30s

Your 30s are when you stop experimenting and start coming into your own. This should also be a time when you start to shop wiser than in your younger years. This is the time to start investing in classic timepieces, and classic pieces of clothing as well. Jackets and dress shoes should now be permanent fixtures, and you want versatile items that will get you out of a jam on any occasion.

Your 30s are also a time when you let some specific cuts go. Start looking at relaxed cuts, tailored jackets with large lapels, and say goodbye to slim cuts.

People in their 40s

By now, your style should be fairly established and you know what looks good on you. There is no need to make major changes at this point, though you should consider adding more suits to your collection. 

Don’t play it too safe, however. You can still go for unstructured separates that can be worn together and dressed up or down depending on the situation. You don’t need to lay off the sneakers either. As long as you keep the silhouettes classic and don’t go over the top with the colors, sneakers should still play a role in your collection.

If you follow our guidelines, you’ll be able to look great no matter your age. But, more importantly, you’ll be able to express your sense of style and personality in good taste.