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Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

To become successful as a freelancer, you have to hustle. It’s a competitive market with people from around the world vying for the same jobs. Having a variety of resources for finding work is essential for success, especially in the early days.

If you’ve been trying to get into the freelance writing world, add these amazing platforms to your list to help grow your business.


ProBlogger is a writing job listing service that’s free for applicants and requires payment for a job posting. While it’s not foolproof, the monetary investment helps screen out a lot of would-be scammers. The simple user interface makes it easy to filter and search for new writing gigs every day, with a broad subject base rather than a niche approach.

One challenge when using ProBlogger is that it’s quite popular, so competition can be fierce. Editors often receive hundreds of applications per post of both qualified and unqualified candidates. When using ProBlogger, remember to follow up with your applications and pay close attention to the guidelines.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is another job board that’s updated daily with new postings. It’s free for both contractors and those placing ads, so being mindful of potential scammers is a must. Freelance Writing Gigs takes a sweeping approach and includes postings from every niche, as well as different mediums and writing styles. 

You can find everything from in-depth technical blog posts to ghostwritten romance ebook series jobs.

SmartBug Media

SmartBug is a B2B marketing agency that connects freelancers with clients for content marketing purposes. This platform is semi-nuanced, meaning you’ll need to have some niche experience to find roles. In addition to writing general B2B content, this could also include experience in healthcare, education, etc.

Keep in mind that SmartBug is an agency, not just a job posting site. You’ll be able to negotiate your rates, but have to work with the agency to meet deadlines and manage expectations. Many writers have found success in growing their business through a partnership with SmartBug and report reasonable rates.


Upwork has long been a powerful platform for both new and established freelancers. In addition to writing, you can find jobs for design, virtual assisting gigs, and more. One of the features that make Upwork such a great platform is that it manages payment for you. This adds protection for both the contractor and the hiring business to reduce fraudulent transactions and ensure everyone gets what’s expected. Upwork makes it easy to transfer your funds out of the platform into your Amaiz business account.

Know that Upwork will take a significant percentage as their commission for the work. That fee will be reduced as you work with repetitive clients.


nDash is another writing-centric platform that freelancers have reported as being beneficial for their business. Like SmartBug, this site helps partner freelancers and companies. 

When you use this platform, you can list your rates and negotiate on a case-by-case basis. Communication is a two-way street on nDash, allowing you to pitch job postings or accept offers passively.


FreelanceWriting.com is a site that prides itself on screening out fraudulent postings. What sets this site apart is its Morning Coffee Newsletter, which sends vetted job postings to your inbox every morning. Freelancewriting.com also takes a broad range approach, including projects from a variety of niches. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and has historically had numerous high-paying postings that set it apart from content mills.


Guru is a fantastic freelance platform for writers, designers, programmers, and more. It has thousands of postings across various industries that target experienced freelancers in a well-organized platform. This freemium platform allows freelancers to sign up for a free account or paid version, which gives them access to more exclusive listings. The key to working with Guru is an impactful profile that showcases your skills.

With these platforms, you can fill your freelancing schedule and help grow your business. Remember to do your own due diligence before accepting a job and prove your value as a freelancer.