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What are the valid reasons for blocked drains in every house?

The drains get blocked due to many reasons that are not only nasty to watch but also inconvenient to hear. You cannot just sugarcoat the situation and avoid its effects easily. The clogging of drains in the households encourages swarming with bacteria, which is even disgusting to narrate. The homeowners have to face this nuisance condition that emits odor and affects all the members of the house. It is also a very unhealthy condition giving rise to numerous health problems.

Why do the drains get blocked?

  • The common reason for blocked drains is the build of hair. It seems to be an easy task to just clear the hair, but it cannot be done in a straightway. The hair clogs the drains and the pipes when one takes a shower or washing something over the sink. It can be cleared by using gloves and certain devices, such as drain spiders to remove the hair from the clogged drains.
  • The other reason for blocked drains is the accumulation of dirt, leaves as well as trees and shrubs in the drainage hole. This usually happens after spring and autumn. This also happens when you maintain the outdoor area of your house and it gets stored in the drains and gradually the pipes get blocked. You can avoid this problem if you regularly water your trees so that they do not get into the drains a source of water.
  • The grease and fat build-up in the kitchen over a period of time are also one of the important factors for blocked drains. This is a nuisance as the grease or the oily substance that gets washed down the sink sticks to the inside of the pipes. Slowly, this builds up and leaves the pipes and the drains completely clogged. The only way to prevent it is to avoid washing greasy substances in the kitchen sink.
  • The disposal of toiletries is also a major reason for blocked drains. The nappies and the baby wipes are very commonly used. They can easily clog the pipes after they are flushed in the toilets. They actually absorb the moisture and gets enlarges and blocks the drains. It is, therefore, advisable to use designated bins to dispose of the toiletries.
  • The use of foreign objects and then the practice of dropping down the drain has become a very common problem and the cause for blocked drains. Things like the children’s toys or soaps or sanitary items as well as electronic waste and other foreign materials can also pose a threat to your drains. These can easily clog the drains, hence they should be disposed of in bins so that the drains are secured.

Who is responsible?

The blocked drains are created by the location of the sewer that is either private or public. The pipes that are a part of the drainage system within the home are one, but if it is connected to another property then it is known as a sewer. If the drains are clogged in a public sewer, it is better to take the help of a sewer company. They are the local authorities that help in locating the real problem. If the problem of blocked drains is with the private sewer part of the drains, then you have to inspect the chambers and see if there is any backed-up sewage. Should you find this, you may wish to engage someone like these drainage contractors to get this solved and get things back to functioning as they should be. 

It is not wise to ignore clogged drain waiting for it to get cleared on its own. It can turn out to be very serious and severe. If you ignore it, then the drains might get blocked completely and to clear it will incur huge expenditure. It is an inconvenient condition that leads to innumerable side effects in the near future. Always choose professionals for blocked drains.