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Winning Bingo Numbers

There’s a whole bunch of theories out there on ways to determine winning bingo numbers as you play here. But, do any of them actually hold any weight or is it all just a conspiracy? It’s an interesting topic to discuss, and an even more interesting topic if you love bingo games and want to get winning bingo numbers for yourself.

Picking Winning Bingo Numbers 

So is it really all random, luck of the draw stuff when it comes to winning bingo numbers, or is there actually some kind of method you can use? Picking out numbers with bingo games isn’t the easiest thing to do whether playing at an online casino or lottery draw, naturally you want to be the one to win. 

Still, when you’re playing bingo games and picking your numbers, you know it’s all random, but there’s still that niggling feeling that fate does get a say in it too. And, it’s never fun getting your numbers assigned randomly in bingo games. However, there is one fun way to pick winning bingo numbers, which might be right in front of your nose already. 

Movies and TV with Lucky Bingo Numbers 

#1 Lost

A mind-bender itself, Lost quickly became a cult classic, and one thing the show did love to do was tease viewers with numbers. A few significant numbers seemed to have some kind of essential need-to-know quality about them during Lost, and these were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. 

These numbers were found in some mystery papers that the wonderful Hurley stumbled upon, and later we found the same six numbers were used to win a lottery jackpot. The bearded fan favourite’s stroke of luck was cursed though, and everyone around Hurley suffered bad fortunes in the story. So, it might not have worked for everyone, but these numbers did win Hurley money! 

#2 The Lottery Ticket 

2010 brought us this fun flick, and another six digits to go for when we’re choosing lucky bingo numbers. The film depicts a Kevin Carson (Bow Wow), as an average guy living in the projects. He buys a lottery ticket with his nanna, and they’re soon on the receiving end of a $375 million jackpot. 

They found the numbers in a fortune cookie, and although they keep things secret until the claims office re-opens after the weekend, somehow neighbours find out. That’s when the plot gets more exciting. But we won’t spoil it for you. Why not try their digits out next time you’re choosing winning bingo numbers though? 4, 21, 32, 33, 42 and 45. 

#3 It Could Happen to You 

This is a 1994 RomCom which tells the story of Charlie Lang, a police officer, and Yvonne Biasi, a warm-hearted and kind waitress. After the cop can’t tip the waitress, he promises that if he ever wins big on any bingo games he’ll be sure to split his winnings half-in with her. The numbers here were 6, 8, 12, 16, 26 and 64. So there you have it, why not try your luck with these winning bingo numbers today?