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Ways to get cheaper insurance for your teen?

Once your teenager is ready to drive, everyone around you may come up with suggestions for what to do and what not to, to ensure a safe driving experience for him or her. You can also feel a bit worried about how your child will be at the wheel. While that remains to be your primary concern, you need to see that there is a good insurance cover in place for overall protection. If you have this information, the average premium rates of auto insurance can shoot up to nearly 80% on adding a teenage driver to your policy. 

The insurance carriers charge teen drivers three to four times higher rates compared to other people because a 16 or 17-year-old is more at the risk of colliding or crashing than a mature driver. However, it doesn’t mean there is no scope to work around it and lower the expenses.

Know the exceptions only when you should add your child to your policy

Including a teen in a family policy can mean higher premiums. Insurance agents can also support this idea as their commission may get some boost. But if you wish to save money, do this only under two exceptional circumstances. For example, if you purchase a car in the name of your kid and the kid is going to drive it most, then you should have the kid on your policy.

Another situation where you can make your teen a part of the policy is if you have very cheap premium rates to pay. It can be possible because generally car insurance terms read that the members of the household, including kids, can be there on the cover as they can use the vehicle with the permission of the primary driver. Hence, if your agent asks about drivers, do mention the name of your teen to ensure you can claim when the need arises. However, every state has its guidelines. So, make sure to have thorough knowledge.

Buy an inexpensive car

You would want your kid to drive a safe vehicle, and sports cars not only tend to be speedy but cost more insurance rates also. Hence, look for the cheapest car to insure for your teen and make him or her primary driver. It shouldn’t be a challenge. Many websites offer comprehensive lists. You can check them for an idea.

Tell your agent if the kid is not going to use the car for college

There can be discounts if the college is 100 miles or far from the home and car, and the kid is not going to have it on the campus. However, not just this, you can inquire about other provisions also, such as driving student discounts on good grades. It can cause insurance costs to drop by nearly 10 to 20%.

As such, there are various ways to benefit. You need to have awareness about them. At the same time, if possible, send your teen to a driving course. It is not only necessary for teen’s safety but may also come in handy in earning some more discounts.

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