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Prescription Safety Glasses for Kids – What To Consider

Children’s eyesight is important. Despite this, there are thousands of eye injuries every year that could be prevented with safety glasses or goggles. If you have a young scientist, DIYer or athlete, you need to get the right eye protection. Of course, if your child needs corrective lenses, this adds another challenge. Fortunately, a good pair of prescription safety glasses can help your child see clearly while also protecting his or her eyes.

Uses for Safety Glasses

The first thing you need to consider is what the safety glasses will be used for. If they are for sports, you may need a pair with a headband. This can help to keep them firmly in place. While some recreational activities such as fishing and golf don’t require a strap, anything involving running likely does. So, if you have a young basketball, football or racquetball player, it is time for some sport safety goggles.

If you are raising an engineer who wants to build and fix things, dust protection may be an important consideration. For this type of use, make sure you find a pair of glasses with side shields. These help to keep out fine particles. Some glasses also have foam around the eyes to offer even more protection.

Goggles are typically best for any application that involves fumes or significant splashes. If you are raising the next great scientist, getting some goggles may be a smart idea.

Choosing a Style

Even the best safety glasses are only effective if your child actually wears them. Let’s face it, kids are not always great about following safety rules. You can make this is a little easier by involving your child in choosing a style.

Despite what you may expect, prescription safety glasses are not all made the same. Some have sleek, modern designed that are very similar to normal eyeglasses and sunglasses. Safety features should always be a top priority. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for clunky or ugly goggles.

Giving your child a chance to choose a pair increases the likelihood of him or her consistently wearing them. Plus, most ANSI Z87.1 (the standard used by OSHA) safety glasses can accept prescription safety lenses. In other words, you aren’t limited to a few awkward styles just because you need corrective lenses.

Setting an Example

If you are participating in any activity that may require eye safety measures, make sure you are setting a good example and wearing safety glasses or goggles yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of adults overlook this. Even if you think your eyes will be totally safe, put some eyewear on just to set a good example.

Plus, adults are almost as bad as kids when it comes to anticipating eye injuries. If you’re doing anything with fumes, fine particles, airborne objects or similar hazards, put on some safety glasses. If something unexpected happens, you’ll be glad you did.

Get the Right Fit

Again, the most important consideration in eye protection is making sure your child wears his or her safety glasses. Therefore, they need to be comfortable. Finding the right fit will help ensure that your child is consistent with this important safety precaution.

This can be a challenge with growing children as glasses may not fit for long. Consider opting for safety goggles with an adjustable headband.

If you are buying safety glasses, simply check the frame dimensions and either measure your child’s head or look at the measurements on an existing pair of glasses (Safety Gear Pro has sizing information on each product page as well as guides for finding the right size). It is quick and easy to figure out the right size for your child. Of course, you may want to choose a slighty larger size if you expect your child to grow soon.

Safety Ratings

When you buy prescription glasses online, you may notice that some are ANSI- or ASTM-rated. Some may also say they are OSHA-approved. While these ratings are not typically required for DIYers or children, they are still a good indication of the protective quality of the eyewear.

The American National Standards Institute provides guidelines for how effective safety glasses need to be. They rate eyewear on impact, dust and other types of protection. Make sure to check the specifics of the product ratings as many ratings have similar codes.

Finding the Ideal Pair

Keeping the above considerations in mind, you will have an easier time finding the right prescription safety glasses for kids. Start looking today to help ensure your child’s eye safety.

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