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3 Outdoor Furniture Mistakes You Must Avoid

When you plan to buy your garden furniture for the first time, the feeling is awesome, as good as buying your new home. Then, before you are out in the market looking for garden chairs, dining tables, sofas, and benches, take some time to think about what material you need for your deck, patio, or porch. Have you decided on the furniture covers to protect them from external elements? 

According to an article published on Entrepreneur.com, these days custom-made cedar garden or patio furniture are preferred by homeowners who have a taste for classy, sophisticated, and comfortable outdoor chairs, sofas, and benches. Then, you need to avoid blunders when shopping for outdoor furniture.

1. Furniture at throwaway prices will cost you more

While comparing the prices of outdoor furniture prices, you can see a price range of $700 to $1,000. Do not get carried away by a cheap price tag or a discount that sounds too mouthwatering because you may end up buying a chair that may slip with the cushions skating unless you sit quite cautiously on it. If you have a pet around, he may feel unstable sitting on such a delicate chair and pace anxiously for several minutes while you are having a conversation with your guests in your garden or patio. 

When shopping for garden furniture for the first time, avoid items that come at a throwaway price. That is because such products are fragile and lightweight. If you’re having a garden party and need additional seating space, why not think about hiring. There are plenty of businesses that offer this so if you search ‘furniture hire sydney’ or wherever you live, you will definitely find what you’re looking for!

2. Not thinking about protecting your outdoor furniture for the rainy months

Common, it’s your garden furniture and therefore, you cannot feel at ease, when it pours! Especially, when you have, wood chairs, benches, and sofas with colorful cushions to adorn your outdoors. You will need to buy outdoor furniture covers to protect your furniture and cushions from rainwater. It is better if you choose waterproof covers to protect your chairs and tables in the garden from moisture damage. Choose covers for your outdoor furniture that are waterproof as well as durable. Though furniture covers are not that expensive, there is no point in buying cheap materials that wear away within a couple of months. 

3. Selecting the wrong furniture materials 

When shopping for your garden furniture, you will find materials like eucalyptus, teak, aluminum, wicker, wrought iron, stainless steel, and even synthetic resin. Aluminum, for example, is not a smart choice due to its lightweight, and therefore unsuitable for windy areas. Stainless steel is heavy and requireslittle maintenance, but it gets very hot under direct sunlight, not ideal for comfortable sitting. 

If you are living in a tropical area with a wet, damp climate, teak or wood furniture, though durable, will require regular treatment to prevent warping and cracking. 

You can choose wicker garden chairs and tables if you have a covered area or have best-quality outdoor furniture covers to fight against the external elements. 


Pick your garden or patio furniture as well as covers carefully. Take some time out for research, compare prices, materials, and quality that suit your garden space and of course, the local climate.