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The Beast Unleashed: 5 Tips to Protect Your Kids from Dog Bites

Parents must educate their children about dogs and behavior patterns that could lead to a dog attack. Dogs can be wonderful pets for the pet owners, but this doesn’t mean that the dog will behave the same way with outsiders. Reviewing 5 tips to protect your kids from dog bites can lower the risk of an attack and keep children out of harm’s way.

1. Teach Your Children About Animal Cruelty

Teaching children about animal cruelty can reduce the potential for a dog bite. Regardless of the child’s age, it is important to make them understand that dogs are living creatures that must never be harmed. Too often with a dog attack, the dog was just defending themselves and/or provoked by the actions of humans. If the animal was provoked, the pet owner is not liable for the victim’s injuries. Additionally, animal cruelty or abuse is illegal, and if proven the victim could face jail time. Parents who want to learn more about victim’s rights in a dog attack case can visit Lawboss right now.

2. Teach Your Children To Stay Away from Stray Dogs

Teaching children to stay away from stray dogs lowers the risk of an injury. Just because the dog may seem friendly doesn’t mean that it is. It is best to explain the proper handling of dogs to prevent injuries. Even friendly dogs could misunderstand the intentions of a human. It is recommended that if the dog seems friendly for the person to hold out their hand and allow the dog to sniff their hand before attempting to touch any dog even if the dog belongs to a neighbor.

3. Explain What to Do When an Aggressive Dog Comes into Your Yard

Explaining what to do when an aggressive dog comes into the yard helps children avoid injuries and helps reduce the risk of an injury. If the dog comes into the yard, it is necessary for the child to stay alert and aware of the dog’s exact location. They should never do anything that could alarm the dog and make the dog attack their child. Running away from the dog too quickly can cause the dog to chase and attack the child. It is also important for the child to avoid direct eye contact with dogs as this can make the dog more aggressive. Keeping a safe distance from the dog and backing away from it slowly helps the child get inside before an injury happens.

4. Teach Your Children About Trespassing Laws

Teaching children about trespassing laws makes them understand why it is important for them to stay out of their neighbor’s yards without permission. If the child is involved in a dog attack without permission to be on the property, the pet owner is not responsible for the child’s injuries. They should never enter any other party’s property without permission, and it is not wise to try to pet a neighbor’s dog without permission.

5. Show Your Children the Signs of Rabies

Showing children the signs of rabies can save their life. The rabies virus makes the dog highly aggressive, and even the sweetest dog in the world will attack if they have the virus. Excessive salvia dripping from the dog’s mouth, sudden and explained rage, and growling for no logical reason are all signs of rabies.

Parents must educate their children about dogs to keep children and dogs safer. It is important to explain to children what constitutes animal cruelty and abuse. Understand related laws helps parents maintain legal grounds if the dog attacks their child.