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6 Ways to Make Date Night Special

Maybe having a date night with your significant other isn’t something you’ve considered before, or maybe you’re looking for ways to make your nights a little more special going forward. Whether you’re a seasoned date night enthusiast or not, there are many benefits to having a date night with your partner, as well as many ways you can always seek to keep it interesting, make it more special and try new things together.

The Benefits of a Regular Date Night

  • It helps you to concentrate on more quality time spent together
  • It’s easier to organise quality time together this way when you have busy routines
  • If you have children, it gives you the opportunity to arrange childcare (such as a family member babysitting for you) for this designated evening so you can concentrate on your relationship
  • It keeps you learning more about each other and having new experiences
  • It provides an opportunity to try new things
  • It can help to keep your relationship healthy and happy
  • It’s an excuse to make more of an effort and look forward to a social occasion 

No matter your own personal reasons for having a date night, it’s safe to say that there are no real negatives for setting time aside for this opportunity.

1. Push the Boat Out

You may want to fully embrace a big night out and treat yourselves in a way bigger than you normally would. With a busy family or working life, maybe you don’t ever have the opportunity to go out together and have a good time. A date night can be the perfect opportunity for this, it’s a chance to plan ahead for something truly out the ordinary too. Perhaps an artist you both enjoy is going to be performing nearby, you could buy tickets for the concert at the Jiffy Lube Live amphitheater (or elsewhere more relevant) online and surprise your partner with them on the day of the show! Dress up formally, have fun making more of an effort and spend your date nights literally dating again like you used to do in the early days of your relationship.

2. Draw Ideas From a Hat 

Perhaps you and your partner could both write down a certain number of suggestions for how you’d like to spend date night and pool them together in a hat. For each date night, you can then draw one of the ideas and do that. This can keep it exciting, as you then don’t know what your next date night will entail until you draw the slip of paper, and it also means you have a bunch of ideas ready for the next number of date nights!

3. Use as an Opportunity to Reconnect Physically

Date night doesn’t have to mean leaving the house at all. It doesn’t even have to mean leaving the bedroom. If date nights are the ideal opportunity for you to reconnect as a couple physically, especially if you usually have hectic routines which leave you exhausted or perhaps going to bed at different times, then you should use that to your advantage. 

You can spend the time communicating more openly about what you both need and want, and you can use it as time spent in privacy to reconnect. It can also be an opportunity to communicate more openly about any problems you may be having in this area, such as the need to seek an erectile dysfunction doctor. Time spent working through this in a dedicated fashion will be beneficial to your relationship.

4. Revisit Old Haunts 

Perhaps you could visit the place you had your first date, or a place you have a specific fond memory of from the early days of your relationship. Perhaps you can turn it into an activity where you try to go back to all the places you visited on each of your initial dates when you’d first met. This can help to revisit happy memories and remember how it all began.

5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Instead of one person compromising for the other in order to experience new things and make an effort, make it more interesting by both stepping out of your comfort zone. Do something which neither of you would ever usually contemplate doing. This can also help bonding, as it means you’re both on the same footing when it comes to the activity. You never know: you may both discover your new favourite activity to do together, which you may never have had the courage to do otherwise.

6. Be Flexible 

You’ve set a day and time for your next date night, but as it approaches, you’re realising you don’t feel your best, or maybe you’re exhausted. In order to get the most out of date night, it’s important to always be honest. It never has to be forced or set in stone. You can reschedule date nights to make sure it’s always a special, exciting night.