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Heat Pump Installation: 5 Reasons You Should Install it in Your Home

Heat pumps are central air conditioners that move heat in and out of your house. Through this mechanism, it can cool your home in summer and warm it up in winter. 

This is the reason why it has been a trend nowadays. As the years’ pass, people finally realize the benefits it can offer compared to when you are using an air conditioner or heater. 

Heat pumps are deemed energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and safe. But is it really?

Let’s go over the five benefits or top reasons people say on why you should have it installed in your home:

AC and heating in one

If you are in a country that experiences the summer and winter season, chances are you have an air conditioner and heater installed.

An air conditioner to cool your house during the summer and a heater to warm you up in winter. And that’s fine at all. 

However, maintenance for these two might cost you more than you would think. And if they are installed simultaneously, they might need to be replaced at almost the same time, and that is added cost for you. 

This is the reason why most people have heat pumps installed instead. Why? It is because it has a mechanism that moves heat in both directions ‒ indoors or outdoors.

There is a refrigerant inside that cools your house when itis the summer season, releasing the heat outside. But if it is winter, the refrigerant moves in the opposite direction, releasing heat inside your house. 

If you have a heat pump installed, you would have an air conditioner and a heater in one. You are saving lots of money for maintenance and repair. 

Efficient heating

There are three types of heat pumps: the air-air, water source, and geothermal. The most commonly used among the three is the air-source type of air pump, which functions to transfer heat from your house to the outside and vice versa. 

However, whatever type of heat pump you use, they follow the same kind of mechanism – they move heat rather than making them. It is because of this process that they are more energy-efficient than other heating or cooling alternatives. 

Today’s heat pumps can reduce the electricity you use for heating by up to 50%. Imagine how much you would save from your electricity bills. 

Better for the environment

Since a heat pump reduces electricity consumption, it is easy to tell that it is a better heating or cooling solution than its alternatives. But what makes a heat pump even more special is that it is also environment-friendly. 

Besides reducing the amount of electricity you use, here are different ways a heat pump is better for the environment:

  • Emission-free Process. As we detailed earlier, the heat pump moves heat instead of creating it. So, there are no harmful emissions given off during the process.
  • Refrigerant Fluid. There have been concerns raised about the refrigerant’s environmental safety a few years ago. However, solutions have already been made that have lower or no Global Warming Potential (GWP).
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint. By merely switching to heat pumps, you can reduce carbon emissions by 42-75%, depending on the type you use. This is because the system runs on completely clean energy without burning down fossil fuels. 

Safer than combustion-based systems

With combustion-based heating systems, you are at risk of pipe leaks and other flammable hazards.

However, if you use a heat pump, you will not have to worry about these anymore. This is because the mechanism used in heat pumps is different and does not involve fuel heating. 

No fuel storage necessary

As mentioned above, heat pumps work on a different mechanism. It uses a refrigerant that moves heat to and from your house without the use of fuel.

This means there is also no need for fuel storage that may put you and your family at risk. 

See if a heat pump is right for you

Although heat pump is indeed an effective system to use at home, there are still people who prefer not to use it because of several disadvantages:

  • High upfront cost
  • Installation difficulty
  • Always require the use of electricity so not really carbon neutral (but you do have the option to use solar panels)

However, do these disadvantages have to stop you from having a heat pump installed? Well, no. Because the advantages you get for installing one are already for the long-term.

You get to save money while protecting the environment by reducing the carbon pollution you emit. 

If you like to have one installed, contact expert heat pump installers in Auckland to already know how much budget you would need. It is an excellent investment considering the amount you would save every year from the maintenance and repairs of your air conditioner or heater.