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How to Style a Luxury Porch on a Tight Budget

Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is some imagination and patience to give your home a divine makeover. Does it sound too good to be true? Check out these tips on how to style porch on a budget and you be amazed by results.

Go for coziness

Big cushions for the seating area will give your porch the coziness you seek in a luxury. To make the whole décor more stylish, add seating with pouf ottomans you can make by yourself. A mesh screen in the background is perfect to hang string lights or vines with fragrant blossoms.  Turn this space into something more personal by adding items from your yard, like turning a tree stump into a coffee table.  

Design a focal point

There is an abundance of options to turn into an eye-catching focal point on your porch.  Rescue old barn doors and use them as background decoration for the seating area. If you want to add some panache to your style, give your front door a fresh coat of bright paint and new hardware. On the other hand, a single piece, like a large metal bowl may be just a subtle accent your exterior needs to embrace the luxury. Nothing draws attention better than artwork, so if you have old items hidden away, it’s time to give them a special spot on your new porch.

Dress up your porch with outdoor curtains

A too-hot day or neighbours’ prying eyes can ruin your day on the porch. This is the perfect excuse to add some bohemian luxury to your porch with flowing outdoor curtains. Choose materials that will allow light into the porch and are resistant to mildew. Even if you use them only for décor without any practical purpose, they will make your porch inviting and elegant even in the evenings. 

Update with affordable materials

While painting your porch may revive the old décor, it’s always best to invest in something entirely new. Composite decking and fencing are perfect to add organic and natural character to your outdoor area. Decorate the porch with an elegant rug, creamy upholstery, and soft lights to polish the style. If there is still some budget left, install a decorative brick wall on the façade for cottage appeal to make the space warmer and more charming.   

Add low-maintenance plants

Tending to your plants can be costly, especially if you want them to always look fabulous. However, you can still have texture, colours, and liveliness with low-maintenance varieties. Succulents and evergreen vines don’t need a lot of care and will make your space full of nature. Tall plants in big pots are perfect for porch for decoration and extra shade. If you are looking for small organic details, desert rose is a draught-tolerant plant that will add colour to your porch with its flamboyant flowers.   

Set the mood with lanterns

While during the day is all about details in the design, in the evening it’s up to proper lighting to help all your design ideas come to life. Instead of wall light fixture, use modernly designed lanterns you can find at a bargain price. Thrift shops are full of vintage lanterns that you only need to repaint and place on the coffee table to cast a glow. Combine several lanterns of different sizes to create a statement piece you can display on the porch fencing or stairs.  

The bottom line

You may have to be creative to style a luxury porch on a budget, but it will be fun to work with different materials and on DIY projects. In the end, if you feel like royalty in your reinvented space then you can call this remodelling a success.