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Chesterfield sofas that fit the modern space

Putting a Chesterfield sofa in your salon is an act of entering into a dialogue with its history, while giving it an entirely novel framing. It would be really hard to find another piece of furniture so strongly tied to its aristocratic origins, and simultaneously so versatile to transcend them. Designing a room around a cozy, noble-looking Chesterfield will be a fascinating experience! But how to do it, when your space is distinctly modern?

The classic Chesterfield or a reimagined one?

When it comes to introducing a traditional interior design style into a space, there’s one huge secret you need to know. This is it: these styles and concepts are so adaptable that with a pinch of creativity you can fit them everywhere! You simply need a way for such furniture to enhance the style of the room without dominating it.

And the dignified Chesterfield sofas are no exception here! Imagine a typical Chesterfield, with its velvet or leather upholstery, deep buttoning and prominent tufting. It will give your room a whole lot of chic, when paired carefully with an unassuming, plain-coloured rug, wooden furniture pieces and modern art on the walls. But if you’re unsure how to proceed with the classic, why not look into some modern reinventions of the Chesterfield sofas?

They are typically as stylish as the original design, but much more slim, with a lighter frame and less pronounced buttoning. Also, they are available in many bright colours and the choices in upholstery in their case include a wide range of subtle fabrics. Your beautiful Chesterfield can easily be a midcentury version with squared armrests nad detachable cushions.

The Chesterfield in your living room – things to consider

Chesterfield sofas can be arranged gracefully even in a minimalist or industrial-style space, provided you take care of several issues. The first and foremost thing to consider here is whether your Chesterfield is meant to be a centerpiece or a more modest add-on to an existing decor. In the first case, it should enhance the overall modern look of the room without adding clashing notes.

In order to achieve a seemless blending of styles, avoid pairing Chesterfield sofas with the matching set of armchairs. Instead, use a low table made of wood that is similar in colour to the sofa, but let the style of the table be rather plain and uncomplicated. Chesterfield sofas carry with them a confident and inviting air of a piece of furniture that rarely is out of place. But to make it even more at home, try an optical trick – add one more design element that goes with the sofa. It can be a little table in the corner, some porcelain figurines, or if you want to go big, even the heavy-hanging velvet or brocade curtains.

And what about making your Chesterfield sofa look more unobtrusive? Firstly, don’t choose leather – opt for a velvet one instead. Make it into an essence of a reading corner, with a tiny night table or a stylized standing lamp around. Also, you don’t have to invest in a full-blown Chesterfield – there are many corner sofas in this style on the market.