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4 Easy Ways to Change Your Home Decor For Less Money and with Less Effort

Stop and take a look around your home for a moment. You may notice that your home decor has become a little dated. Styles and fashions in home design and decor move very quickly these days, but you can give your home a whole new look for less time and money with a couple of our top tips.

Breathe Some Life into a Space with Indoor Plants

If you want a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to add some colour and texture to your spaces you should consider adding some indoor plant.

When you haven’t got green fingers and want to cut down on maintenance, there are some incredibly lifelike plastic plants available including fake conifers and bonsai trees if you want something interesting and unique. Real plants are preferable, however, as they breath real life into spaces and will change colours and appearance throughout the year as they grow and the seasons change.

Add a Feature Wall to a Room

Feature walls are a great way to give a room some depth and definition and can be done quickly and easily with just a tin of paint.

By painting a chimney breast or a pair of alcoves a contrasting or bold colour, you can create a feature in your space that brings some visual depth area. If you have light walls, use a darker shade of a colour used elsewhere in the room to make the best use of the feature. If your chimney is in need of repair then check out this chimney repair company in Long Island.

See Things Differently with New Lighting

You can give a room a whole new look by changing its lighting scheme. This may only involve moving lamps around or changing a lampshade on an overhead light, but there are some other inexpensive ways to make some big changes to a room’s decor and atmosphere.

Simply changing the lightbulbs in a room can have a big impact on the way you see it. Vintage style LED bulbs that emit an amber-tinted light can soften light coloured walls at night and give a room a more homely and intimate appearance. You can find a range of E27 bulbs in a wide range of styles at Any Lamp. They have a massive range of lightbulbs, of all sizes and styles, available at incredibly low prices.

Upcycle Some Older or Reclaimed Furniture

Upcycling is a technique used to give an old piece of furniture, or anything you would like to use, a new life. By upcycling an old wardrobe into a bookcase, for example, you can add both form and function to a living room as well as a conversation piece.

You may only need a tin of paint to give an old piece of furniture a new look, but you should also consider giving reclaimed materials a different use for style and visual impact. You can make shelving and bookcases from old wooden pallets that have a fantastic look and take a lot less time and effort than you might think. You can paint them or leave them with their natural look.

Just one of these ideas could give you the change you are looking for. We think if you try a few you will be able to give your livings spaces a completely fresh look, for less.