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5 Design Ideas for Pergolas that you can consider

If you intend to de-stress yourself at the comfort of your home, build a separate space to enjoy. Many homes in Australia have a patio or deck at the exterior of the house to relax or enjoy with friends and family. The pergolas or patio roofs are building for this purpose and it is a great place to recharge yourself. This outdoor living space becomes livelier with pergolas.

What are Pergolas?

While decks and gazebos are something many are familiar with, pergolas are a relatively lesser-known concept. Deriving its name from Latin, a pergola is a garden structure that forms a shaded path. It is more like a canopy with an open latticework. While the primary installation was mostly in gardens, pergolas are not restricted to just a sprawling country house with acres of lawn and gardens. A city home can easily have a pergola, even on their balcony. Like decks, pergolas too can double up as a place to host a party without worrying about the weather.

The modern pergola comes in many designs and can be made of metal, fiberglass, wood, or you can even go old-school and get one made from brick and stones. But the plethora of options can blow your mind. Here are 5 top picks that you should definitely consider when remodelling your home this summer:

  • Minimalistic: One of the trending designs for homes is the contemporary minimalistic look and finding pergolas to compliment this look is easy. Made mainly of aluminum and fiberglass, these simple and sharp pergolas are found in metallic silver or white colors. You can bring some warmth to the design by adding some pop color lights or hanging a chandelier from the top.
  • Curtain up: You can deck the summertime pergolas with white lacy curtains that will provide you with privacy and keep the warm heat out. You can choose to swap the curtains for the evening party that will suit the mood while bringing in an ethereal ambiance.
  • Swing in: for all the bookworms out there, you can create your own niche in your home away from the house. They fit these pergolas with swings, which can be the single beanbag style or the more palatial bed style swing sets. The material of the pergola is aluminum, with engineered wood to cover the metal framework. This way you can rest assured that your weight is borne properly. Deck up the pergola with fairy lights, burn some scented candles, and lose your way in some faraway mystery.
  • More Green: If you are living in an apartment complex with the greenery seemingly out of reach, bring the garden inside. These pergolas can be of the minimalistic look, or you can have the timber one. The overhead shades are spaced evenly so that the lighting is even when you are hanging your herbs and flower pots.
  • Hybrid: You can opt to have a deck-pergola or a gazebo-pergola hybrid that will serve the purpose of both. This is ideal for hosting parties or having a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one.


Installing pergolas are easy and you can opt for a kit and go do-it-yourself way or get professional help for the more complete pergolas setup. Having a pergola not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it also increases the house’s market value in case you want to sell and move on. Maintenance of a pergola is easy and with a routine check-up, you can make this beautiful installation last long.