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5 Things Every Dad Needs in His Garage

Christmas might be gone, but that’s not the only occasion for you to grab something useful for you dad. But, men are often so hard to shop for, especially those who are obsessed with their garage. They probably already have all the tools, so what do you get for a handy dad? If his birthday is getting nearer or if you just want to be prepared for Father’s Day, here are some gift ideas every dad needs in his garage.

Ample storage 

If the dad in your life is a sporty man, he probably loves to go out with his kids or buddies and pass the ball. Or maybe he prefers to work out alone in his garage so he can best focus on keeping that dad-bod looking just right. In any case, sporting equipment probably often ends up scattered all over the lawn or garage. Well, it’s time to put a stop to that with a sporting rack that provides a perfect organization of ball, weights and other sports equipment. 

If he’s not into sports, he still needs plenty of space to keep seasonal decorations in check and his kids’ toys safely stored for future generations. With an adjustable overhead storage rack, he can easily store anything bulky from plastic bins to awkward garbage bags. Make sure to get a rack that can be adjusted so he can customize it for the best fit for his garage. 

Bike rack

These racks can be a true lifesaver—they keep every garage tidy and full of precious square footage. No matter if the dad in your life often takes his kids out for bike rides or if he just uses his bike for an occasional outing in the summer, he still needs a practical place to store these awkward two-wheelers. But with a bike rack, his bike will always be at hand and his garage will be tidy. Best bike rack models store bikes in a horizontal position that allows the easiest access and storage. Also, most models are easy to install (you only need a drill, while all the screws are included in the package) and can hang bicycles of most sizes. 

A drill set

A drill is the most used tool of every dad: it’s perfect for putting together furniture, fixing things around the house and building things for kids. So no matter how many drills he has in his garage, one more set with a couple of countersunk screws will still come in handy. Check out quality drills at Shoppster and you’ll find everything from small cordless drills for tiny house fixes to big hammer drills for something more serious. Expect a lot of amazing projects to come out of your gift. Combine it with a good box for his drills for better storage.

Cleaning tools

Garages get very dirty very quickly, which can be an issue for every dad who likes to work on projects with his kids. To keep everything clean and safe for everyone in the family, provide your gift recipient with a practical garage vacuum cleaner. Shop vacs make any cleanup easy and fast, from dirt to spills, so make sure to get such an accessory for the father in your life. 

Portable radio

There’s nothing better than jamming with your dad or husband in his garage while you work on family projects so get him something that can blast his favorite tunes. Ensure his garage radio is durable, resistant to dirt and spills and easy to move around the house. Certain models are even perfect for family outings and camping trips. If you know your gift recipient is not too careful around electronics, a radio with a durable casing and a sturdy roll cage is a must. 

These garage essentials will put a smile on every dad’s face, so make sure to pick out something from the list and go shopping. Expect a lot of great DIY projects in the future and one clean and tidy garage.