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Making Sure Your Motorcycle Is Safe

It is important that you keep your motorcycle safe and roadworthy at all times. Riding a motorcycle comes with its own risks and when seasons and whether change you want to be prepared. We have gathered some top tips to help you learn what to look out for when checking your motorcycle is safe to ride.

Get A Service

This is something that you should do every year for any vehicle you own. This way you might come across some problems that weren’t obvious to the naked eye. We recommend that you have a service when the seasons change.If you need to change a few things on your bike make this a priority before heading back out. For parts check out your bike manufacturer to try and get like for like, for example if you have a BMW you might use BMW Europe moto.

When It Gets Cold

When winter hits the weather can become more icy and cold. When this happens you will need to protect moisture from getting inside your motorcycle and then freezing when the temperature drops. This can then lead to metals becoming brittle and eventually snapping over time. To prevent this you will need to lubricate your clutch cable and drive chain prior and after to riding. If your motorcycle has a liquid cooling system, you should regularly use antifreeze in the water tank and flush it through your bike.

Clean Clean Clean

This one might not seem like a safety issue however you would be wrong to think that. Your motorcycle collects grit and debris from the road after every ride, if you don’t clean your motorcycle regularly it can lead to a reusting. A Quick clean after every ride will help you financially in the long run as you won’t have to buy spare parts caused by rusting. Investing in surface protection fluid is also a good way to help combat this.

Check your Brakes and Tires

The difference in breaking in summer and in winter are very different techniques. It is always a good idea to check your break reactions when the weather changes. Find a secluded spot where you can practice your braking techniques, have someone there to watch you in case you find the weather change too much and accidentally slip off. Whilst you are checking your breaks it is also a good idea to check your tires too. As with cars you should always check the tyre treads and pressure. Tire treads that are warm are not only illegal but also very dangerous, especially on icy and wet roads. 

Wear Appropriate Gear

You should think about what you wear when riding very carefully. Riding in insufficient clothing can be dangerous and very irresponsible. No matter if the weather is cold or hot it is always best to ride with your full gear on, this means adequate protection for your whole body including arms and legs. Failing to do so will lead to more traumatic injuries if you were to be involved in an accident.

If you have followed these steps you are now all ready to hit the road. Remember to keep vigilant and drive safely when riding your motorcycle. While you are here take a look at BUYING AN INSURANCE PLAN FOR YOUR HEALTH FOR THE FIRST TIME.