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How to Have a Stress-Free Family Moving

Life with kids is full of exciting and joyful events, but can moving to a new home be one of them? Although it sounds like a mission impossible, it is all doable. We can show you how to have a stress-free family moving, so stick around if you want to learn some useful tips.

Turn relocating with your children into a fun adventure for the entire family

Start on Time and Make a Good Plan

Proper organization is essential for every successful relocation, which is why you should start on time, months in advance if possible. Create a timeline with all the things you need to do, and try to stick to it. Give yourself enough time for every step of the way. Moving with kids is far more complicated and slower than moving alone during your college years. First, ensure you find a new home and a job. Once that is done, then you’ll know how much time you have at your disposal, and you can start planning.

If you have very young kids and are moving in London, you need to make sure that you start the process at least two months earlier. During this time, you need to create a list of the home items you would be carrying forward to your new home and articles that you would be leaving or donating. A family household has tons of things, which will get unearthed once the moving process starts. Hence preparing for the same should be started as early as possible. This will help in preventing last-minute blockages and jitters. 

Create Numerous Checklists

Another useful thing that can help you stay on track with everything you need to do is to create several checklists and put them in a moving binder. If you were never a fan of organization, timetables, and checklists, you should become one now. Here are some ideas for useful lists you should create:

  • Moving expenses,
  • Things to pack,
  • Things to donate or sell,
  • Fragile items.

Gather Enough Packing Supplies on Time

When relocating with children, you probably have a lot of toys, clothes, books, not to mention clothes and other essentials. Estimate how much stuff you have, and try to obtain enough supplies, so you don’t end up searching for extra boxes last minute. Boxes are essential but not the only type of packing supplies you can use. Garbage bags, suitcases, vacuum bags, bubble wrap, tape, and markers for labeling are some of the essential materials you will certainly need.

Let your kids have fun and enjoy the process

Carefully Pick the Right Moving Company

One of the best things you can do to ease the entire relocation and spare yourself from stress is to hire one of the reputable moving companies in Seattle WA. You can rely on a moving company to take care of all time-consuming tasks such as packing, but these also provide other convenient services such as renting storage, shipping, and auto transportation. Let professionals take care of all those tasks while you spend more time with your kids, preparing them for one of the biggest changes in their lives.

Talk to Your Kids and Inform Them About the Upcoming Change

Before you start packing up your home, moving furniture, and making significant changes, you should talk to your kids and let them know what is happening. Kids can feel and notice that something is going on, especially if you’re under a lot of stress, so talk to them on time and keep them updated. 

They probably won’t be so happy about the change, especially if they already have some friends or go to school. That’s why you shouldn’t postpone the decision to break the news to them. Prepare that there might be some tears and meltdowns, so make sure you have all the right arguments and a list of positive things to convince them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Let Your Children Pack Some of Their Stuff

If your kids are old enough to understand what’s going on, they will probably want to participate in this. While some parents think that leaving kids with grandparents while they pack everything is a better idea, involving children in the process and letting them pack some of their favorite toys can be beneficial. Show them that moving can be fun, try to see if they are willing to donate some of their old toys to children in need. Turn it into a fun and learning process for the entire family. 

Time to Say Goodbye

Let your kids say goodbye to their friends, maybe throw a small moving away party for their closest friends and relatives, and embark on your first moving adventure as a family. Remember to keep a positive attitude as much as you can during the entire process because kids can sense if something is not right or when their parents are worried.