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Top 4 storage hacks for a small kitchen

The kitchen is an essential room in the home. Not only is it a place for preparing meals, but it is also a place where families come together. Space is always at a premium in kitchens, and not everyone has the luxury of living in a manor. Instead of paying between $10,000 – $75,000 for a kitchen renovation, you can utilise these top 4 storage hacks to help get the most from the space you do have, even if it is a small flat.

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1. Utilise Open Shelving

Shelving is an easy fix for almost any kitchen. The best part is that you can customise it to suit your needs when you design your own. For instance, if you have a lot of tinned food, you can create shelves with enough space. You can reduce the distance between the top of the tin and the shelf above it, which increases the number of containers you can store in a smaller space.

You can fit a small shelf or two tucked into almost any space. You can also hang them on the walls. If you choose this option, ensure that the shelf is adequately anchored and hold the items’ weight.

2. Utilise Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves that tuck away in unused space between the fridge and a wall or the cooker and cabinets can expand your storage possibilities. They can serve as an extension of your larder. You can keep the items you need most right by the cooker, such as your flour container, spices, or oils, and store those you do not frequently use in the main pantry.

A roll-away set of shelves is one of the best storage & organisation essentials for any home. You can even transform an old bookshelf into a rolling pantry with a set of wheels. If you build it yourself, you can design it to fit your needs, or you can find many sizes and types available online or in stores.

3. Utilise the Insides of Your Cabinets

When it comes to small kitchen storage, the insides of cabinets are often not used to their full potential. For instance, cabinet doors’ interiors can be transformed into spice storage or an area for paper towel storage. You can install hooks to hang small utensils like whisks or spatulas. Another one of the best kitchen storage hacks is to divide shelves to fit more shelves into a smaller space.

You can also use the idea of dividing the space in your cabinet drawers. Dividers are one of the best storage ideas to keep drawers organised and keep items from shifting around. Everything stays exactly where you can find it.

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4. Convert Wall Space You Are Not Using

This is one of the organisational hacks that requires a little imagination on your part. We often get used to looking at our walls in a certain way, but reimagining them as a place to hang pots, pans, ladles, tongs, or a grater can free space for small appliances that must be placed on shelves, such as your food processor or toaster. A pegboard or wire rack can be hung from the wall or leaned up against it. This option opens many possibilities.

Now, you have a few ideas for kitchen organisation hacks that will help you expand your space. It is not always about having more space, but it is more about using the area you do. With a little creativity, you can find many ways to make your kitchen feel roomier. Once your kitchen is organised, you might be inspired to look for other hacks to help manage your home.