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How to use signage to advertise your home business

Many a home business can be well established online and yet may be missing out on business in their own neighbourhoods and communities. 

The number of small businesses in the UK grew by 70% between 2000 and 2019 and small businesses account for 99.3% of all businesses in the UK. This means that small and home-based businesses need to leverage all the marketing and advertising tools they can to compete in this market to ensure their growth and sustainability.

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This has necessitated the use of innovative, localised and effective ways of reaching potential customers and clients, which highlights the importance of creative, holistic marketing for all business types and sizes. As large high street chains have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, small, local and home-based businesses are finding that niche markets are a viable and lucrative opportunity. However, in order to take full advantage of the emphasis on localisation, enterprises must look beyond social media and online advertising. Here are some ideas for harnessing the power of outdoor signage and banners.

There have been some interesting trends that have come to the fore recently, some of which are detailed below. 

Keep design and colours simple 

One of the key pieces of advice for banner or advertising and signage, is to keep it simple. Even on the extremely large banners, you need to be clear what not to include. Don’t overcomplicate the banner.

Position is key

Where you hang the signage or tie up the banner is critical and must be thought through in detail so your ad is positioned in the best space to be seen by as many of the right sort of people as possible. If it’s hanging outside yourbusiness or home it may not appeal to all your neighbours. Regardless of where you decide to place it, you must ensure that it occupies the space in a creative way and will be seen by potential clients or customers.

Get permissions

You will likely require council or local authority permission to put up the banner or external signage in a public area. Ensure that you have these permissions and follow all guidelines provided, so as not to obscure traffic, walkways or your neighbours’ views. Failing to do so could see your bespoke banner being removed.


Make sure your business’ essential details are on the external signage. A website address and phone number are useful and easy to remember as people drive past. Or, if you’re a walk-in business, then be clear as to when you’re open and where exactly you are based.

Ongoing check-ups

You will need to have a system of checking on the banner or external signage, ensuring that it’s still up and in the required condition and position.

There are some incredible banner and external signage options available from Soyang Europe. It has also become increasingly popular to go with a more modern whole-wall solution. Alternatively, there are mesh wraps and larger-than-life building covers. The more professionally it is made the less the likelihood of it looking untidy after a while outside and detracting from the business instead of attracting the custom you need.

Advertising your home-based business has most recently been predominantly done online and there has indeed been a growth in online shopping. The online space should thus not be ignored by your small/home-based business but, as economies open up, there is likely to be more movement of customers and clients. This will be a great time to get your brand out there. Market your small business using banners and external advertising in targeted areas and you could establish new and lucrative local markets.