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3 Of The Best Heritage Sites To Visit In Cheshire

With the country beginning to open back up, the time has finally arrived when you can take your family out for a day of exploration. History and heritage enthral kids and adults alike, and the sheer complexity and depth of English heritage means that there are always more stories to discover. 

Cheshire is replete with incredible heritage sites that are suitable for the whole family. Here are 3 of the most intriguing, breath-taking and entertaining places that help bring history to life in this ancient county.

Beeston Castle

Beeston castle is an exceptional example of a medieval enclosure castle fortification. Construction of the fortification began in 1226. The site was strategic: allowing the Earl of Chester to overlook and control the Cheshire Plain. Henry III used the castle as a base from which to attack rebels in Wales and several battles occurred on the site during the English Civil Wars. The castle takes its name from Sir Hugh Beeston, who owned the structure during the 16th Century. 9 D-shaped towers remain intact and are incredibly impressive. Castles are always great for a day out, and Beeston is one of the best preserved in the entire country.

Adlington Hall And Gardens

Adlington Hall is one of the most impressive country homes in England. The origins of the property are Saxon. Earl Edwin established a hunting lodge on the site before being thrown off the land after the Norman invasion of 1066. The most impressive feature of the house was built in the 16th Century: the great hall. Completed in 1505, the breath-taking great hall is well known for having an extremely fine heraldic ceilingcanopy.

Surrounded by beautifully tended ornamental gardens, Adlington Hall is perfect for a long day out picnicking and relaxing before entering the house itself and exploring the heritage of the site. 

Adlington Hall and Gardens is nestled in the countryside between Wilmslow and Macclesfield and is easily accessible from either town. 

Alderley Edge Mines

Mining is mainly associated with the industrial revolution in Britain, but its history actually stretches back much further. The mines beneath Alderley Edge near Wilmslow are the oldest known metal ore mining sites in the UK. They have been mined since around 1900 BC, and ancient artifacts have been found in their depths. A prehistoric shovel has been found in one shaft, whilst Roman coins have been found in another. 

The material mined beneath Alderley Edge was copper – which together with Tin can be used to make Bronze. The creation of Bronze was very important in the advancement of societies living in prehistoric Britain. 

In normal circumstances it is forbidden for members of the public to travel into the underground mine shafts. On certain days, however, you can book a guided tour. These tours are led by expert underground explorers who can take you on a journey deep into the earth and deep into Cheshire’s past. The mines are underneath land managed by the National Trust.