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How to Upgrade Your Skills During Lockdown

Whether you are currently out of a job or working from home amid the pandemic, it is necessary to channel your free time towards learning or improving a skill. Upgrading your skills helps expand your career prospects and keeps you relevant in your field. Besides boosting your mental health, learning new skills during lockdown can put money in your pocket.

The Coronavirus crisis indeed brought the world to a standstill. However, Instead of allowing yourself to get bored at home, upgrade your skills with these strategies.

1. Take a course

Many people tend to assume that online courses are expensive, not knowing that there are affordable options. For instance, the Open University offers a broad range of free classes on history, arts, health, and the sciences. Those who are thinking about changing their career paths or enhancing their knowledge depth can find plenty of online courses on Udemy. Dental students may also want to upgrade their skill set by signing up for dental practice training courses online. For example, the DD Group offers remote and online training to meet your training needs.

2. Learn a new language

Lockdown may just be the best time to master a new language. Being fluent in multiple languages increases your chances of landing significant career opportunities. It will transform your relationship with people from diverse cultures. Once you find learning languages to be fun, consider leveraging free language courses online. A quick search on Google can present you with tons of valuable resources to start your new language course on a good note. The Babble platform could even be your best partner for one-on-one language tuition.

3. Improve your soft skills

Advancements in tech have seen the AI revolution threaten to evict manual labourers from all spheres of industries. That said, there are certain things that Artificial Intelligence can never do better than humans, and these include regulating emotions. Humans always win the battle in terms of soft skills such as feelings, creativity, and communication. In a world where there are many talented and qualified people, you need to learn new skills to stand out.

As you stay at home, consider upgrading your soft skills to gain a competitive edge in the corporate world. Your degree and qualification can get you an invitation to a job interview, but that the outcome of that interview will largely depend on a lot of skills beyond your certificates.

4. Read extensively

Another smart way to upgrade your knowledge is to read as much as you can during the lockdown. Improving your reading habits will go a long way to harness your writing and communication skills. Find books that resonate with your interest, such as fictional stories, dictionaries, financial books, and other resources that help you become a better person in your field. Your critical thinking skills are likely to take a new dimension if you dedicate the lockdown to reading extensively, a habit that is crucial for navigating through today’s challenging times. This form of mental exercise can help you build up your creativity and unlock your brain’s full potential.