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3 Great Accessories for Your Smartphone in 2021

The smartphone’s global market penetration has more than tripled between 2012 and 2020, with the current number of users pegged at 3.6 billion, indicating a 5.9% increase. Even more fascinating is the rate at which smartphone accessories are benefiting from the sector’s growth. Statista predicts that the phone accessories market will hit £52 billion by 2026. What are some of the best ones you can get to enhance your smartphone experience? Here are a few. 

1. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are cool smartphone accessories to have in the 21st century. The wireless speaker concept began in 1994 through Larry Schotz, who applied for a patent to have exclusive rights over his wireless speaker invention. The in-built receiver gets a ‘coded message’ using a transmitter to convey radio frequency. This mechanism enables it to play through the speaker without physical cables. Over time, this technology has evolved and is currently one of the handiest accessories to have when you own a smartphone.

This accessory offers you more sound than your phone’s in-built speaker, which is a plus, especially if you’re a music lover. It comes in portable and large sizes to suit various purposes. All you need to do is activate your phone’s internal Bluetooth, and automatically, it will connect to the device. There’s a wide variety of the best speakers to choose from for your smartphone.

2. Smartphone microscope magnifier

Thomas Larson, a University of Washington engineering alumnus, is the brain behind the micro-phone lens. Although the name changed slightly for branding purposes, any smartphone can be turned into the handheld microscope with this invention. It doesn’t require any adhesive or glue. Instead, it latches onto your smartphone camera point with a clip. This fabulous accessory can magnify objects up to 60 times without the use of software or an app.

Measuring only 110 x 62 x 22mm in size, it’s almost unbelievable that this small device can provide a crisp, sharp image and focus. This device makes it possible for professional photographers to go about taking excellent pictures without carrying bulky equipment. Furthermore, the smartphone magnifier is affordable, and you can quickly get one within your budget. 

3. The 6-in-1 charging station

According to Statista, the average user owns at least two smartphone devices. However, this could be stressful when your batteries run low, and you need to charge them. Suppose you want to charge your phones without using different connectors and wires. In that case, the 6-in-1 charging station is perfect for you. It has an intelligent in-built temperature control system that offers enhanced safety for your rapidly charging devices and is also affordable. 

Fortunately, most of these cool accessories are compatible with Apple devices and not just Android, making them even more appealing to several smartphone users. These accessories are mainly designed to enhance the performance of the gadgets they complement. Nevertheless, be mindful when purchasing these items to ensure you purchase the best ones for your device without breaking the bank.