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A glossary of Poker terminology

No matter where you like to get your casino fix, whether that be online or in person, there’s always something new around the corner. For example, have you tried live casino gaming from the comfort of your own home? Whilst the newer developments in casino gaming can be rather tempting, there’s nothing like a classic to get you in the mood for some real fun. And what’s more classic than Poker?

Read on if you’re a stranger to Poker, or want to brush up on the need-to-know terminology of this much-loved game. You’re about to get one hell of an education!


All-in refers to when a player either runs out of chips during the game, or pledges all of their chips on one solitary bet. If you go all-in with the chips you already have on the table, you’re not allowed to dip your hands in your pockets to pledge any more.


This is a mandatory payment that’s made by all players before the game begins, or any cards have been dealt. In some tournaments, the ante will also be used to contribute to the overall prize pot.


A bluff is a bet that’s made with a weak hand, but presented as if it’s a winner. The idea is to make your opponents believe that their hand is actually weaker, without even seeing what you’re holding. With any luck, they will opt for the “sensible” option and fold, leaving the bluffer as the winner, despite their hand.


This refers to a card that doesn’t influence the future actions in the game in any meaningful way, usually coming in the form of a low value card.

Community Cards

These cards are placed in the centre of the table, ready and willing to help all players to construct a successful five-card hand. Please note that not all variants of Poker will offer community cards, however Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the most popular versions that do. 

Hole Cards

This refers to the cards that are dealt face down to each player, and remain secret until the end of the game. In Texas Hold’em there are two hole cards per player, whereas in Omaha there is four.

River (card)

This is the final card that is dealt in a Poker hand, prior to the final round of betting. If you choose to play Texas Hold’em, then the river will tend to be the fifth and last card to be dealt. Any player to lose the game due to the river card will be known as “rivered”.

Texas Hold’em

The most popular form of Poker, you can find Texas Hold’em at almost all land-based casinos as well as online gaming sites – there are even live versions of the highly-accessible online game. The variation is perhaps so popular because of its simplicity. Each player will aim to have the best five card hand using a combination of the five community cards and their two, dealt hole cards. 

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly

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