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Why Kitchen DIY Is Best Left to the Experts

We’ve all tried our hand at DIY around the house. While the motto of trying everything once is great and respect is due to those who do, there is some advice that all DIY’ers should be aware of: some rooms are off bounds. 

You can get some great ideas and will be able to look for reference points for your DIY improvement by searching for kitchens and bedrooms near me. But the idea with regard to the kitchen is to always have a professional for the install. Design and ensure that your kitchen suits your family’s needs but unless you are in the trade and are appropriately qualified, never try to install one on your own. It’s a recipe for disaster. This article looks at the main reasons why kitchen improvement is a DIY nightmare unless you use professionals for the final installation and fitting.

new drawer in modern kitchen


The plumbing in a modern kitchen is a complex issue to tackle, from the pressure required for new-fangled taps and fittings to the number of outlets required for the numerous appliances, from dishwashers to fridges, they will all require plumbing. The decision to use plastic or copper for the piping is a big one to make and must be thought through in detail. It’s a task best left to the experts.

Electric and gas

If you’re not qualified, then there is no way you should be messing with the gas and electrics. Once you need to reposition the gas or electrics, a gas safe qualified engineer will be required and many a DIY enthusiast has had to remove part of their kitchen to have the gas passed as safe or to check the electrics.

Level surfaces

The sink and surroundings need a natural slant so water drains away from your surfaces, whilst the countertops and cabinet doors need to be absolutely level. It’s a task that even the most seasoned DIY’er should avoid.


Kitchen cabinets can be a thing of great beauty if installed correctly. They provide flow and a sense of order to the room and should all close properly. They’re a nightmare to align and fit and if there’s more than one, then all the handles are supposed to match in alignment, the exteriors be flush and the interior shelving or draws should provide all the storage space you need.

Doing your kitchen up has become a common pastime in the current context where more time than ever is spent at home. However, to get an end product that the entire family can be happy with, you need to think carefully before you start. Engaging in the design and planning process for a new kitchen is the first step and thereafter the advice herein is meant to show you that a professional kitchen install will save you a great deal of time and heartache. 

The risk is quite high and the bottom line is that if you want a bespoke kitchen that works, then it is best to leave this to the experts.