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Getting Your Kids Interesting In Gardening: Inventive Ideas For Busy Parents

Children love playing outdoors, so gardening could be the ideal hobby to keep them busy, particularly as we near the summer months.

Gardening is a complicated practice, which requires a lot of patience and hard work. As such, it can be challenging for parents to get kids, particularly very young ones, engaged in the practice. 

To help, we’ve put together this list of inventive tips that will help you to encourage your child to love the great outdoors.

Create A Dedicated Vegetable Patch 

Fruits and vegetable growing is easy and fun for kids. They’ll even get to eat the produce they grow, which is always fun and a great way to get them to eat their five a day! When you’re creating a vegetable patch, make sure that you use the right equipment. William James & Co are fruit cage suppliers that offer a range of solutions to keep your vegetable or fruit patch safe from birds and other critters. With these solutions, you and your children can create a unique patch that will give you amazing and tasty results. 

Teach Your Child About The Unusual Uses Of Plants

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, and some plants, as well as specific parts of them, such as the root, leaf or fruit, have unique uses that aren’t commonly known. Some plants, such as aloe vera, can have healing properties. Others can be edible, even if they don’t look particularly appetising after being pulled out of the earth. Teach your child the uses for these plants to increase their interest and keep them engaged in the garden, before long you’ll have raised a gardening expert!

Buy Your Kids Their Own Equipment

Children will be more engaged in gardening if they have their own set of supplies and don’t just borrow oversized items that are designed for adults. So, you should check out the best children’s gardening tools on the market to give them the right solutions to get the job done well. Buying your child their own tools will also help them to feel more responsible for the garden, as well as making it fun and colourful. 

Invite Their Friends To Join You In Gardening 

Tending to your garden doesn’t have to be a solitary practice. Indeed, it can be sociable and fun if you invite other people to help you. Young children are particularly fun to garden with, so you could consider inviting a selection of your child’s friends to join you in the garden and help plant seeds or undertake other basic tasks. By welcoming their friends into the garden, you will make gardening seem like a social group activity and increase your child’s interest. You could also give groups of children, or individuals, a specific task or plant to be responsible for. This approach will help them to take ownership of parts of your garden and increase their engagement in the activity. 

Gardening is a great hobby that could become a lifelong passion if neutered from a young age. Use these tips to help your little ones to enjoy spending time maintaining your garden and learning about new plants.