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Four Top Tips for Optimising Your Above-Ground Pool

Finally, summer has arrived and is now in full swing. Even though in the United Kingdom, a British summer is often on the chillier side, with an above-ground heated pool everyday can feel like a day on the Costa del Sol; well, as long as you close your eyes and keep the Pina Coladas flowing!

Safety and Maintenance Ideas for your New Pool

You often find homes with heated pools in warmer places like Florida where they can be used throughout the year. In colder climates, things can be more complicated. Taking care of your above-ground swimming pool can be a time-consuming and physically demanding chore, but it is both necessary and incredibly beneficial if you want to keep your pool in optimum condition for you and your family. 

Here are four top tips for optimising your above-ground pool.

1. Invest in an Electric Heater

In order to make the most out of your above-ground swimming pool, you should invest in a quality and industry-standard electric swimming pool heater. There are numerous benefits of adding a swimming pool heater, which include the ability to customise your settings to suit the individual user;being able to use and enjoy your pool all year round; and the financial benefits of an increase to the value of your pool and your home in general.

2. Sanitise the Water 

The specific type of water sanitation equipment for above-ground pools is often a subject of debate, but it is now generally accepted that saltwater sanitation systems are softer on the skin and easier on the eyes. As the human body naturally contains an interestingly high level of salt, it is generally accepted that your body will react more positively and a great deal more naturally when exposed to salt rather than chlorine.

3. Carry Out Pump and Filter Maintenance

In order to optimise both the lifespan and the energy efficiency of your above-ground swimming pool, the filter and pump system needs to run for a specified amount of time each day. As each pool structure is different, it would be pertinent to research the exact amount of time your specific pool pump needs to run. 

A standard above-ground swimming pool requires a chlorine powder treatment at least once a week, or a smaller dose of sanitiser on a daily basis. Powder treatments are the most effective way of raising the water’s chlorine level to a point at which it completely eradicates bacteria and neutralises any foreign, organic material.

4. Don’t Forget Winter Pool Care

Though it may be the case that you will be less likely to utilise your above-ground swimming pool in the winter months(even if you have invested in an electric heater) it is crucial that you still upkeep and maintain the pool throughout this time.

When the outside temperatures are freezing or thereabouts, your pool will freeze solid and in order to support the ice sheet correctly, it is vitally important that you ensure the pool categorically has no places where the water could leak out. It is also strongly advisable to purchase a winter pool cover and a pool closing chemical kit, both of which will help ensure that your pool will survive the winter.