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5 Simple Home Upgrades The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Let’s assume you’ve been thinking about doing some upgrades in your home for quite some time now. But you don’t necessarily know where to start. Or, you don’t have the time and the budget to go for bigger, more extravagant projects. So, what else is left for you to do?

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Well, the good news is, when it comes to home upgrades, you don’t necessarily have to do a major home improvement project just for it to be one that your family will be happy with. It all begins with going around your home and checking through areas where you know you have an opportunity to improve on, r to have some renovation works and changes done.

Here’s a roundup selection of upgrades that, albeit simple, can have maximum impact on your family’s happiness and enjoyment.

1. Create an Outdoor Living Space

Kids and adults alike certainly love to have an outdoor space in their homes. Especially as of late, when so many individuals across the globe are still mandated to stay home, it can be suffocating for families with young children to literally just stay the whole day indoors. Parents and kids need a break too, and this, you can have through outdoor living space.

Children are always happy to run around and enjoy some time outdoors. And now, you can, too, by putting outdoor furniture. There, you can relax while enjoying the kids or even have meals outdoors, weather permitting. If you don’t have much faith in the weather, you could look into a more hybrid approach to spending more time outdoors. You could for example consider contacting sunroom contractors in Holbrook , NY (or elsewhere more relevant) and discuss the possibility of having one added to your property. A sunroom can be a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of outdoors whilst having a comfortable and sheltered area to sit and relax or entertain the family.

As a bonus, a swing is nice to have, too. This is always a no-fail for children. You can start your search at https://www.theporchswingstore.com/ or any other trusted site serving your local area.

2. Change Your Linen and Curtains

If you’re not confident to show your linen and curtains to guests who suddenly visit as a surprise, then that’s a telling sign you need to upgrade your linen and your curtains. Or, perhaps it’sbeen too long since you actually bought new linen, and the ones you have now are hanging by a thread—literally.

To make it easier on your pocket, time your trip to your favourite store strategically when they’re on sale. You may score better linen for a lower price. Think of bed sheets, duvets, comforters, pillowcases, curtains, and throw pillow covers.

3. Repaint the Rooms

Kids love it when their rooms are painted in their favourite colours! So, why not surprise your kids with a fresh coat of paint for their room, especially if you’re living in an old home with cracking paint.

Keep things classier by choosing more muted tones of your kids’favourite colours. For instance, your eldest may love the colour yellow. You don’t have to go for bold and bright. You can always go for paler, more relaxed hues of yellow to create a new setting and feel in their room.

Refreshing your home with a new coat of paint is a very simple home upgrade task, as it’s one you can even do all by yourself. Plus, it’s also quite inexpensive to do.

4. Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most-used parts of your home. Especially now that the entire family is home for most days, this means having to whip up at least two meals in the day. So, it’snot surprising that your kitchen may also be the part in your home which needs the most upgrade.

If a whole kitchen makeover is impractical and out of the question, for now, the best way to upgrade it is through improving your storage system. If you don’t have one yet, there are so many organizers you can buy, which are also inexpensive.

Having a well-organized kitchen is something the entire family will love as it’ll be so much easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

5. Change Your Old Appliances

Is your dishwasher no longer functioning, and now, washing dishes feels like a chore? Or, you haven’t bought a vacuum cleaner in so long. Perhaps even your five-year-old microwave has finally given up. If the budget permits, a very practical and useful home upgrade that the entire family will surely be happy with is having new appliances!

Imagine the extra time mom may now have because the dishwasher can do the washing of dishes and no longer her. If you have young kids at home, the crumbs are going to be everywhere, and the vacuum can speed up the cleaning.

Go through your home and check which if your appliances are in dire need of a replacement, and you may want to change them now, one appliance at a time.


With this list now on your belt, all that’s left for you to do is to get started. In closing, this list should only serve as a guide for you to have ideas on potential changes you can create in your home. 

But this isn’t a cookie-cutter, absolute approach. Each household and family will have their own whims and desires on what to include in their homes, so they can be happier looking at the new state of their home. It’s therefore also important to ask for the opinion of your family and find a way to work their desires out in your home upgrade plans.