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Why BSN Qualification Is the Path to Better Performance and Better Pay

Doctors receive acclaim, but nurses often remain overlooked in the healthcare industry. However, they serve as the backbone of this sector, caring for patients and offers critical support. The need for registered nurses continues, and experts believe demand will grow in the coming years.

Men and women looking to become registered nurses and those already working in this position may want to earn their rn to bsn online. Why would a person consider doing so? What are the benefits associated with obtaining your bachelor’s degree in nursing? 

Expanded Career Opportunities

Men and women in the healthcare industry recognize certain positions remain open only to those with a BSN. Furthermore, schools call for this type of degree when a person wishes to enroll in a graduate nursing program. Those who want to take on an advanced nursing position must get this degree first. This includes nurse-midwives and clinical nurse specialists. Administrators and teachers need a minimum of a BSN. Lots of people will also consider Master of Nursing degrees too.

A study conducted regarding nursing jobs found that men and women with an associate degree can work in 51 percent of available nursing positions today. In contrast, those people with a BSN are qualified to work in 88 percent of the positions. Furthermore, a BSN allows the individual to work in more specialties, including oncology, pediatrics, and more. They may work in doctors’ offices, schools, home health care services, and more. 

Higher Pay

Individuals who obtain a BSN find their pay increases. This comes from the fact that they are able to obtain an advanced position. A nurse with an associate’s degree earns an average salary of $64,000. In contrast, nurses with a BSN bring in $82,000 a year, according to PayScale

More Skills

All nurses have the basic skills needed to supply clinical care to individuals in need. The BSN program provides them with advanced skillsets. This includes critical and creative thinking skills, collaboration tools, ethics in decision making, and communication skills, and more. 

Advanced Care

Nurses with a bachelor’s degree provide better patient care. Studies have been conducted to determine whether this is the case, and researchers found an advanced degree leads to better medical outcomes. The American Association of the Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reports nurses who have obtained their BSN achieve higher success rates, and their patients have lower mortality rates along with lower failure-to-rescue rates. 

Common Requirements

More healthcare organizations now require their nurses to possesses a BSN. The New York Times reports nurses are encouraged to pursue this degree within five years of obtaining their associate’s degree. This is due to the number of healthcare organizations now making the BSN a requirement for workers. 

Ease of Obtaining the Degree

Colleges and universities recognize the challenges associated with working full-time in healthcare and pursuing an advanced degree. They are now making it easier to obtain a BSN, often by offering the program online. In fact, many programs never require the student to step foot in a classroom, as the nurses may obtain clinical experience while on the job. 

Furthermore, some schools offer an accelerated BSN program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field. This option should be considered by anyone looking to change careers and believe nursing may be their next profession. 

A career in nursing is a fulfilling one. Men and women who work as nurses recognize the importance of their jobs and the difference they make in the lives of those who are ill. If you are a nurse or wish to become one, consider getting your BSN. Doing so changes your life in countless ways.