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Marriage In Your 40s: How To Plan A Low-Key Luxury Celebration

If you are looking to plan a wedding in your 40’s then it’s likely that one of you may have perhaps been married before, or perhaps you both have children and other things have a higher priority in your life than a high-end luxurious wedding. For any of these reasons you might be looking to plan a low key wedding, but still have that added touch of elegance and luxury that you would expect from a couple who are in their 40’s and who perhaps are able to have a slightly bigger budget to put towards their special day. We have put together some of our top tips for planning a low-key luxury wedding celebration.

Set your budget

As with any event or planning a wedding at any time, it’s important to set your budget from the start so that you both know what you have to work with. As you are planning your marriage in your 40s you may have a slightly larger budget so you will be able to add some little touches of luxury that you might not have been able to do before.

Choose your dress

If you are a slightly more mature bride it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dream dress, or that you have to choose something that is an older style. The main thing is to think about what you want and what suits you and your personality. If you have a larger budget you might be able to choose a more luxurious wedding dress, perhaps one that’s been made by a specific designer, or even specifically for you. If you prefer to not show as much or you love your dress but want to have your shoulders covered, then you could choose to get a wrap made that will sit around your shoulders and make you feel more comfortable.

Choosing your bridal party

This is something that every bride has difficulty doing, choosing who will get to be part of your bridal party. People in their 40s tend to have more genuine friendships than younger people, so technically it should be easier to choose who you want to be your bridesmaids. The same rule still applies though, make sure that you choose people who are really special to you and who you can trust. You might choose to have your best friend, your sister or perhaps not even have one at all. Remember that you don’t need to have any bridesmaids just remember to do what is right for you.

Choosing your gift list

If you and your partner already live together you might feel that you have all of the house items that you need, so you might choose to opt for alternative gifts such as perhaps asking people to donate money towards something you are both saving for, such as a bigger house or perhaps a luxury honeymoon.

Choosing a venue

With a slightly bigger budget you will be able to choose a more luxurious venue and create the day that you have always dreamed of. It’s worth doing some research and finding somewhere that you both love, and make it work for you. If you want a really luxurious wedding, you might choose to look at some venues in London. You could also look at hiring your own wedding planner who will be able to advise you on choices, suppliers etc.

Writing your own vows is something that is really lovely to do, whether you are getting married in your 20s or 40s and makes sure that your wedding is personal to you both. You can always look at spending some money towards a luxury honeymoon and opting for a low key wedding if that’s what you would prefer to do. This is something that would be nice to do, especially in your 40s as you can make sure that most of your money is going towards a luxury holiday, rather than a big wedding.