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3 Alternative Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Market

Selling a property is rarely a smooth process. During the move, if one link in the chain breaks, the rest of the process can come to a halt.

When buyers are looking for a new home, they want to picture themselves living in the property. Many experts will highlight how you should prepare your home before it reaches the market. It includes doing a rigorous cleaning and updating process. From adding a new coat of paint to the walls, cutting the grass and trimming the hedges or deep cleaning each room, these updates could help you not only receive better offers but also sell your property quickly too.

Implementing any of these updates can be beneficial in helping you to sell a home. However, there are some alternative routes to consider as well.

Documents At The Ready

There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork that comes with the process of selling and buying a property. Proof of address, property title deeds, building work and energy performance certificates are just some of the documentation that you will have to show solicitors and potential buyers.

Having all the documents you need to show on hand will prove more beneficial than just being organised. There have been occasions where a potential buyer has walked away from placing an offer due to the documentation not being ready. If a potential buyer has a specific timeframe they want, or even need, to meet, any delays could turn them off a property. As a result, having documentation on hand could prove to be the difference between whether or not there is an offer on the property.

Home Survey Completed

A home survey is a detailed inspection of the overall condition of a property. The inspection will highlight any structural problems, such as subsidence or unstable walls. Additionally, it will note any repairs that need doing too.

Firms, such as GB Home Surveys, will combine their experience and expertise to provide you with a detailed home survey report. Using this information, you can choose whether to fix minor repairs and share the findings with potential buyers.

Sharing the findings with potential buyers will show them that you are transparent about the property. They can use the information, and their own opinions, to decide whether or not to move forward with an offer.

Redefining The Rooms 

During your time living in a property, the initial intended purpose of a room can change. For instance, a spare room could be transformed into a home office or a storage room. As you begin to prep your home for the market, why not consider converting these spaces back into their original purpose. Certain rooms can hold more value than others. A spare room is more valuable than a home office, whilst a dining room is worth more than a child’s playroom.

Combining deep cleans and redecorating with redefined rooms and home surveys could help in making the process smoother. Although the average time to sell a house can vary depending on the location, as well as the state of the market, having your home prepped and ready to go could see you selling your property in the average timeframe, or sooner.