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A trip to Tri-City – the best places to go

Tri-City includes Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations, be it for longer trips or weekend outings. Before you go, you may want to explore the best places to go in Tri-City. We have prepared a short list to help you plan your trip.

Tri-City Classics

The most popular places to visit include the Pier and Monciak in Sopot, the Old Town in Gdańsk or the cliffs in Gdynia-Orłowo. These are the highlights of Tri-City, so if you’re going there for the first time, they should be on you bucket list.

When visiting the Pier in Sopot, you will definitely admire the Gdańsk Bay, but it’s good to look a bit further and see the Grand Hotel, an architectural curiosity. While walking along Monciak, look at the crooked house in Sopot, which is the best proof that architecture does not need symmetry or straight lines.

While exploring the charming streets of the Old Town in Gdańsk, you will surely notice the Neptune fountain or the Crane Gate, but you are also well advised to admire the beauty of the old houses. You may feel tempted to go further than the Długi Targ square and find more distant and less popular places.

If you’re fed up with the rustle and bustle of the city and would like to feel a gust of seaside breeze, Gdynia-Orłowo is your next stop. A walk along the pier in Orłowo, a great vantage point, will be a perfect chillout after a day in the city. If you like looking at architectural gems, take while to walk among the seaside villas from the Interwar period – there are plenty of them in Orłowo.

Other tourist attractions in Tri-City

Once in Tri-City, you will find a range of other attractions on top of the most popular places. You can go on a cruise on the Motława river or hop on board the ship to sail to the Hel peninsula, where you can experience the open sea vibes and visit the lighthouse.

If you like to admire the world from high above, you may be interested in Amber Sky – a giant Ferris wheel. While going up, you admire the panorama of the Old Town in Gdańsk. Plus, it’s an exciting option for kids.

When going on the Amber Sky wheel you can observe the city from 50 m above the ground, but if you’re not afraid of heights and would like to experience more, you may want to visit the panorama terrace in Olivia Star. This is the tallest building in Tri-City and one of the tallest structures in Poland. The terrace is 130 m above the ground. This is going to be an unforgettable experience.