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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells In Your Home: Our Practical Guide

Smell is one of the most overlooked of our senses, particularly when we think about our homes. While most of us know that the sights and sounds we encounter on a daily basis have an impact on our wellbeing, we often gloss over how smell affects us.

The importance of smell in your home cannot be understated. Unwanted and unpleasant smells can make us feel unwelcome or unhappy in our homes.

While bad smells can be annoying and distressing, pleasant smells can offer many benefits. Some scents can even help you to improve your sleep, so you should try to optimise your home and improve its smell. 

If you notice a bad smell in your property, then it’s important that you’re proactive and try to identify the cause and get rid of it promptly. Here are some practical tips for modern homeowners. 

Identify The Cause

The first step in getting rid of a bad smell in your home is to identify it. If a specific smell is bothering you, then you should try to isolate the room it is in and see if you can find out what surface it originates inside. Some odours will be held in soft, porous surfaces, such as furniture and carpets. Other smells might be from specific objects, such as a piece of dirt that has been trampled into your home or food that has been left on the ground by children or pets. Finding the source of the smell will allow you to choose the best method of getting rid of it. 

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets get the most dirt and grime of any soft furnishing in your home, as they are walked on by everyone in your household and your guests. An unwanted smell could be caused by some trapped dirt in your carpet. So, if you want to keep your home smelling fresh all year round, then you need to deep clean your carpets every few months. Try using the services of a professional carpet cleaner, such as All Season Clean, to scrub your carpet and remove all dirt and grime. These experts in carpet cleaning in Derby can help you to keep this often-overlooked part of your home clean and smelling sweet. 

Use Fresh-Smelling Cleaning Products

Often, smells in the home are caused by dampness in the air or retained moisture in furnishings, so if you notice that smells return regularly, then try to improve your cleaning regime and use fresh-smelling cleaning products. Find high-quality cleaning products that deliver a fresh and long-lasting scent to make your home smell fresher and feel cleaner. 

Learn How To Prevent Bad Smells From Returning 

Once you’ve identified the source of the smell and eliminated it, you need to work out how to stop bad smells from returning and keep your home smelling and feeling fresh. While artificial air fresheners and sprays might seem like a quick solution, they can only mask the smell for so long, and they’re often not good for your long-term wellbeing. Instead, try to improve your regular cleaning regime and use natural methods to improve the smell of your home. For example, some plants can reduce odours, so consider adding them to your home’s décor to improve its smell in the long run.