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Importance of Outdoor Play in Early Childhood

As adults, we remember the cheerful memory of adventurous activities on the playground. However, today’s children are surrounded by many activities but few opportunities to enjoy playground with fellows. After-school activities, gaming consoles, smartphones, and early involvement on the internet have led to the disappearance of playground activities from children’s childhood activities.

Kids need to play freely and outdoor play is the perfect way to engage in unstructured play. Outdoor play has played a crucial role in children’s development and children can develop this through play and exploration. The first five years are critical for a child’s brain development and forming future learning behavior, which is why outdoor play is essential for children’s growth.

In today’s article, we are going to explore the importance and benefits of outdoor play at an early age and why every child needs to play outdoors every day. Let’s begin –

Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Childhood

There are several benefits of outdoor play. Experts in a variety of fields including, health & education, biology, psychology have identified the importance of playing in open fields and parks. Here are specific points given below:

1.     Learning New Skills:

When children play outdoor, they get to know their physical capabilities and develop confidence in the outdoor environment. The easiest way to learn new skills is by playing with an outdoor playhouse.

The best outdoor playhouses offer play accessories including sink, stove, cordless phone, and working doorbell, pot, and pan set with utensils, flower pots, and much more playing features. When they involve playing together with other kids and toys, they develop coordination skills and learn how to use those toys.

2.     Social Interaction:

When kids play outside, they are bound to play with other kids when help to improve their social interaction, norms, and learn how to talk with strangers which will come in handy in group works and adult relationships.

Young children rarely understand what is right and wrong. When they play with other kids at a young age they share, understand feelings, and get to know how to interact kindly with other kids.

Besides, when parent takes their kids to the playground, they meet with different groups of people including different backgrounds, personalities, and viewpoints. As kids play with new friends, they learn to accept the differences and they learn how to play new games and interact with the outer world.

3.     Develop Physical Skills:

Outdoor play helps to build motor skills, burn calories, develop strong bones, build immunity, and improve sleep.

Motor Skills:

When children play outdoor, they walk, run, climb, slide, push, swing, and more which is why they develop strong moto skills. Moreover, at the age of 5, they are able to acquire balancing skills and foot-eye-focused movements.

Reduce The Risk of Obesity:  

Obesity creates hazardous problems in human health. CDC points out that one out of eight preschool children in the USA faces obesity. Outdoor play helps burn calories and reduce the risk of being overweight.

Develop Strong Bones and Improve Immunity System:

Outdoor helps us to get exposed with the sunlight and sunlight produces vitamin D inside children’s body, which increase kid’s immunity system and build strong bones. In addition, children get exposed to the fresh air, soil and get introduced to nature.

Improves Sleep:

Many children suffer from sleep deprivation and do not get enough sleep every day. The excessive amount of screen time and busy schedule are the reasons why many children are not getting enough sleep. Luckily, outdoor play reduces sleep deprivation and helps regulate the body’s internal clocking system. They also enjoy the sunlight with natural beauty and burn energy, so they feel time tired at bedtime and sleep fast.