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The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Nursery

If your child is at the toddler stage, you may be contemplating whether it is the right thing to do to send them to nursery. This is, of course, a major step in any young child’s life and can be just as nerve-wracking for the parent due to having to hand your child over to a stranger. However, if your child is showing signs of being a social butterfly and having independence, this could be a great next step for them to enhance their personal development. Nursery is not just valuable as an immediate childcare option for working parents – there are many benefits to be aware of for sending your child to nursery school that you may never have considered. We’re going to check out just a few of them below:

1. Building confidence

Nursery is often the very first time a child has been away from their parents for more than five minutes and is, therefore, a great way of boosting their confidence due to being in strange company. The fact that they’re away from their primary caregiver means they have scope to spread their wings and gain some independence when carrying out basic tasks without assistance. They’ll try their hand at new activities and communicate with several adults and peers, which should allow them to acquire significant life skills.

2. Making new friends

Nursery is the perfect opportunity for your child to start forming new friendships. However, for more reserved children, it may be best to start with small playdates with just two or three children before introducing them to a group of children at once. Once in a nursery environment, they will start to feel more comfortable as they recognise faces and build relationships. Some of the key friendship skills they will develop include:

3. Creates a regular schedule

Children live by routine, and this is exactly what a nursery can provide. Some nurseries offer a basic routine to include meals, napping and play, but educational-based nurseries such as Seahorse Day Nursery offer even more structure to mimic the typical school day. As a result, this experience will enhance their educational background and prepare them for future learning in a classroom environment, as well as practical skills that are required in life. When children follow a predictable routine at the same time each day, they feel much more in control as they know what to expect and this should therefore help them settle into the environment.

4. Building stamina to cope with school life 

Nursery tends to keep your child active throughout the day, which may explain why they crash out as soon as they arrive home. However, this is an advantageous factor for their personal development, as it prepares them for the typical schedule they will follow at school. As a result, they will already be equipped with the stamina required to deal with the fast-paced nature of the school environment and should enhance their ability to learn and retain information.