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Lighting Your Space: BHS helps you Illuminate a house into a home

Mood. Atmosphere. Feng shui. The key ingredients to setting the right levels of comfort for you to kick back and relax.

Sure couches, tables, chairs, shelving, and decorations all play important roles…

But how are they going to ‘pop’ without the correct lighting to showcase them?

Let’s dig into how BHS’ stunning lighting catalog can help you achieve the home you desire on a room-by-room basis, with an emphasis on areas shared with guests.

The Living Room

Ah yes, that first port of call after a long day. It’s time to wind down, watch television, read a book, or have a relaxing chat about your day.

Let’s set the atmosphere on the right path. 

Why not bathe your space in the radiant warmth of our Jute String Lamps for the floor and tabletop?

A set that offers flexible light levels depending on your needs and a consistent tone for your decorative intent?


After all, it is your ‘living’ room. The space that sets the tone for where you live. For yourself, and your guest. Establishing a warm and welcoming space is key.

With a Natural glow, these lamps are perfect for setting a rustic vibe to immerse this core living space with a calm vibe, that tells you – It’s time to settle in.

The Kitchen

A kitchen, for many, offers go-to space for a communal catch-up. Whether it be with friends over a coffee, monitoring your kids as you prepare dinner or an after-work cook-along with your partner.

The ideal look for this space is a combination of form and function.

With that in mind, the Barley Spotlight Bar provides the perfect solution.

It’s key to consider the size of your kitchen when choosing lighting. This is an area that can come in various shapes and sizes.

For some, it’s combined with a dining space. For others, it’s an open-plan following into a living room or lounge area.

So adaptability is an important factor.

Matching a minimalist style with the practicality of adjustable lights, this affordable white set can be perfect either on its own or combined with others.

Either way, it can provide a vital cog in any ideal kitchen setup.

Shared Bathroom

Bathrooms. This is a space easiest to define as intended for solitude.

Whilst your other rooms may be designed for multiple people at once, this is where the goal shifts towards individual comfort.

For many, a shared bathroom will be a smaller space than the other rooms discussed, and often the place most likely due for closer inspection by visiting friends and family.

Under that consideration, the Brooke LED Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight Plate could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Finished in glorious reflective chrome, this ceiling fixture is designed with smaller spaces in mind.

Whether you’re getting your make-up just right, or avoiding a nasty cut whilst shaving, three LED light heads cast an effective and modern solution to your visibility needs…

…whilst that all-important aesthetic appeal to admiring house guests.

Another thing worth mentioning that many people don’t know is that bathroom lighting needs to have an IP Rating in order to best protect the light. The standard bathroom lights from BHS have an IP44 rating which protects the light from water spray.

Your Home, Your Choice

It’s important to consider these are simply suggestions.

A simple taster of the vast array of lighting options available through our online store and physical locations.

This is your home. Its aesthetic value is determined by you and you alone.

Find your vibe today with BHS.