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Countdown to Christmas: 8 Unbeatable Party Ideas 

Have yourself a very merry Christmas this year with all your friends, family and work colleagues! Bringing everyone together at this special time of year can be a challenge. But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can have a ball with all your loved ones.

From Escape Room frolics to having a festive movie marathon party, bringing the band back together has never been more fun!

Whether you want to make lasting memories, celebrate in style or get the party started with a bang, here are 8 unbeatable party ideas to make this festive season one to remember:

Step back through the decades

There’s a reason why Escape Rooms have become so popular in the last decade, and it’s not just down to the adrenaline rush! You enter a lost decade, with authentic-looking props set in a compelling story full of mystery, intrigue and suspense, all while you try and make your escape before your time is up. 

Whether you go the whole hog and get into character, with costume included, or simply rock up ready to race against the clock with your friends, family or colleagues, this is one night you won’t forget!

So if you’re looking for a unique Christmas party that will challenge you and test your mettle, this is the one for you. With Escape Rooms in Basingstoke to Southampton, you’ll find your next escape in a city near you. 

Snuggle up, it’s movie time!

There are some films that simply typify Christmas. Whether your nostalgia trip takes you to the McCallisters in Home Alone, or you want all the festive frolics with Buddy the Elf, 80s classic Santa Claus or the unforgettable Muppet’s Christmas Carol – the festivities can’t begin until you’ve watched your fave movie! 

So why not turn your movie magic into an event. Although you may not have a projector to hand, transform your living room into a cinema worthy experience. Add some festoon or fairy lights, serve up fresh popcorn with all the seasonings and a mouthwatering hot chocolate with all the add-ons and enjoy all the holiday treats with your loved ones. 

If you want to go all out, get your guests to play Binge-Watch Bingo or knock back some egg nog each time you hear “Christmas,” “Kevin!” or “Santa!”

Wreath making extravaganza

One for the crafty, the creative and the lovers of all things traditional, why not throw a wreath making party? 

You can provide dried citrus, a bit of sparkle, pinecones, burlap, round wreath forms and more to get everyone in the festive spirit! 

If you’re all feeling up to the challenge, go foraging in your nearest woodland ahead of time and collect spruce, holly and any evergreen leaves or branches that look up to the job. 

It’s a Great British Festive Bake Off!

While Mary Berry might not be pottering around the Bake Off tent any more, there’s no reason why you can’t bring a slice of the action back home for your Christmas shenanigans. 

Go head to head with your family and friends and whip up your own signature bakes, or have a pudding party where your guests bring their fave baked goods for you all to sample. Whether you have a station or table for everyone to get stuck in, or you recreate the famous tent experience, one thing is for sure, no one’s forgetting this one anytime soon!

Ready, set, skate!

One of the best things about the festive season is that cities up and down the country bring out all the fun and games for the whole family to enjoy! You won’t need to go far to get the party started, from glittering Christmas markets to live outdoor entertainment. 

But beyond all the glitz and glamour, there is the old-time favourite ice skating rink! Whether you lace up your skates and sail around the National History Museum’s iconic outside rink or jet set to New York and go to the Rockefeller Centre, there is plenty for everyone this Christmas to enjoy. 

Gingerbread House throw down

Nothing screams festive more than the warm, spicy taste of gingerbread. So why not add a bit of nostalgia to your party and host a fun, moderately competitive Gingerbread House construction game. 

The task: who can build the sweetest abode in one hour! 

If you want to avoid making sheets of gingerbread, keep it simple by stocking up on a handful of ready to assemble gingerbread kits. Choose an official judge, don’t be shy about gummy bears, icing or sprinkles, and let the games begin!

Christmas game night

Kick off the festive season by hosting a games night. Line up all the classics such as Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo, or throw in some modern classics such King of Tokyo, Cards Against Humanity, Ticket to Ride or Memoir 44 to get the party started. 

No matter how competitive you get, keep it fun! From Articulate to Christmas Movie Trivia, there’s something for everyone, young and old. 

If you fancy yourself a quiz master, why not create an interactive quiz and watch your loved ones go head to head to become the Christmas Champion! Then next year, the real competition begins, as the victor tries to hold on to their title!

Or you could go more risque with a Sydney male stripper!

Cosy Crafternoon!

Want to get crafty this Christmas? Well, get the band together and host a cosy Crafternoon for all your friends. 

Ask everyone to bring their favourite arts and crafts supplies so that you have more to choose from. Looking for some extra inspo? Why not try a few of the following:

  • Wreath making
  • Card making: try your hand at printing to lithography
  • Make a tree decoration
  • Crochet or festive bunting
  • Make origami stars 
  • Natural garlands: using willow, pinecones, spruce and other foraged materials

Don’t forget to keep the snacks and drinks flowing. Crafting is a serious business that works up an appetite!

Karaoke Christmas Party

Bring festive cheer to your celebration with a karaoke Christmas party, where friends and family gather for a joyous time of music, laughter, and holiday spirit.

Whatever Christmas means to you, make sure you celebrate in style with all your loved ones. From Escape Room hijinks to Crafternoons, there’s something for everyone!