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4 Wholesome Activities for A Great Family Autumn 

Autumn has arrived pretty fast in the UK! Just the other day, we enjoyed gorgeous sunny weather, and today there are grey skies and falling leaves.

While most people don’t look forward to the cold weather and long nights, autumn does provide the perfect opportunity to spend time together as a family and do some wholesome activities.

What Are Wholesome Activities?

It’s true that having fun with your family is important butmaking sure that you’re also incorporating wholesome activities into your life is just as critical.

Wholesome activities not only help to maintain a healthy lifestyle but can help you unplug and disconnect from the hectic and busy pace of modern life.

Wholesome activities can be fun and engaging, or they can simply serve to relax and relieve the stress we feel in everyday life. Either way, kids always tend to look forward to relaxing time with family.

Four Activities to Try

Making Jam

Small batch hand-made jams and jellies can be a really great activity because it’s something that everybody will be able to get involved with. While it can take a long time to make, kids will still get to see the fruits of their labour in no time.

All you need to learn how to make jam at home is some fruit, sugar, and pectin, a heavy bottom pan, a cold metal spoon (pop it in the freezer), and some sterilized jars (you can save them through the year).

Building A Den with Blankets

Autumn is about snuggling up in the warm and enjoying the hygge feeling of the season; what better way to do this than with some blankets and some spare time together.

This is relatively easy to do with any number of adults, kids, and 10 minutes of spare time! All you need is some sheets, thick blankets, pillows on the floor, and a good book to read together.

Prop the blankets up on the cushions and some chairs to form a tent and get cosy underneath. This works even better if you watch a movie together or tell stories with torches.

Get Creative with A Memory Box Frame

A memory box frame is a great project to try with your kids, and it’s one you can make during the fall and use to decorate your home throughout the year. It’s a great project for you to do together, and there are lots of different designs you can make with the spare materials you already have around the house (you don’t need anything extra).

Each memory box frame takes just a few minutes to put together, and then when you’re done, it looks beautiful. You can even add some fresh flowers to them for an autumnal touch.

Making A Family Cookbook

There’s nothing more wholesome than cooking together, and it can be a wonderful activity for kids to do with their families.

While cooking doesn’t have to be fast and frantic, you can instead choose to do a family cooking activity that’s easy and fun. For example, you can start with a simple recipe such as fairy cakes, which will allow your children to get involved in this wholesome activity.