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5 Ways to Get Your Home Winter Ready 

Energy prices are set to soar this year, so it’s an excellent time to get your home winter ready to see what you can do to save energy and money. From staying warm and keeping the cold out to avoiding burst pipes, there are a few simple changes you can make to prevent the chill from ruining this festive season.

Protecting Your Garden This Winter

Taking the right preventative measures ahead of the frosty season will ensure you avoid any winter disasters, keep the cold at bay and reduce your energy bills. 

Want a few pointers to get started? Here are 5 ways to get your home winter ready:

Insulate your water pipes

There’s nothing worse than a burst water pipe during peak winter season, and guess what? If you’re a UK property owner, then a burst water pipe on your own responsibility is your responsibility. 

To avoid any potential bursts, insulate your water pipes with lagging – available at your local DIY shop. Try and focus on unheated areas such as the loft for maximum protection against the dropping temperatures.

Have a throw out

Winter means many things for different people. From the traditional Christmas to Yuletide, Solstice to Hogmanny, there are many festivities on the horizon. With it, comes a time for celebration, gifts and more parties than you’re perhaps ready for! So, why not have a throw out ahead of time?

Tackle your child’s overflowing toybox? Have a go at your wardrobe or finally get rid of that set of chairs you’ve been desperate to get rid of. Whatever junk is obstructing the flow of your home, now’s the time to sort it out. 

Remember to separate your items out into recyclables, reusables and things you need to dispose of. When you’re done, load up your car and make your way to your local charity shop or recycling centre. 

If time is not on your side, why not hire a local London rubbish removals company? They not only specialise in removing large, bulky and often toxic waste safely from your home, but they can help you stay on top of managing your waste. From taking away unwanted mattresses, appliances and electricals to reducing your garden rubbish, they will minimise stress and often collect your unwanted goods right from your doorstep. 

Focus on your loft space

Now that you’ve insualed your water pipes and tackled some of your junk, it’s time to focus on your loft space. 

During the winter months, keeping your roof well insulated should be a top priority. According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), you can lose up to a quarter of heat through the roof of your uninsualted home, and with energy prices about to shoot up, that’s precious warmth that you’ll need this chilly season!

The simplest solution is to invest in the recommended amount of 27cm loft insulation. That way, you keep more heat in your home while bringing down your energy bill. From £125 per year for your average mid-terrace house to £315 per year on your detached home, they savings are worth noting. 

While you’re at it, you may want to consider a British Standard Jacket for your hot water cylinder. By simple opting for insulation from 25mm to 80mm thick, you could save yourself approximately £18 per year according to EST. With a jacket costing £20, you’ve made your money back within the first year! What are you waiting for?

Regularly bleed your radiators

Your central heating relies on a network of pipes which bring heat into each room in your home. When air gets into the system, this can prevent radiators from filling up with that much needed warm water that heats your house. To prevent this, you can regularly bleed your radiators to keep your home toasty warm throughout the winter months. 

If your radiator is warm at the bottom but cool at the top then this is a sure sign that it needs bleeding to release the trapped air. Simply:

  • Check that there is still warm water in the system, then turn off your central heating
  • Find the bleed valve on the radiator – you’ll find the small valve on the side of the radiator near the top
  • Use a bleed key to turn the valve – pick one up from your local DIY store
  • Turn it 180º anticlockwise – you should hear a hissing sound. Once all the air is released, it will start to drip water. Now close the valve

Doing this regularly will ensure you get maximum efficiency heating from your radiators and save yourself some money in the process. 

Clear your guttering

British weather is unpredictable, and the winter season is no different. With it you can expect plummeting, freezing temperatures that will make you want to hibernate before entering the classic winter scene that takes you on a nostalgia trip to your childhood. One thing you can count on though, is rain, and if your guttering is blocked or not up for the job, you’re going to have more than a leak on your hands come the New Year. 

If you notice any discoloration to your outside walls or there is a clear area where rainwater goes down the side of your house, you’ve inevitably got a blocked drain. Often caused by moss buildup, fallen leaves and twigs, this is a simple problem to solve as long as you act quickly. 

If left unattended, damp and mould can grow and become a bigger problem to the structure to your home later on, so make sure rainfall can easily drain from your guttering. 

Whether you learn a few gutter cleaning hacks online or hire a professional gutter and roof cleaning expert, keeping your gutters clear from blockages will save you money in the long run. 

Chilly, crisp mornings and freezing nights may be a staple of winter, but keeping your home cosy this winter doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple changes, you will have a warm haven throughout the winter months.